5 best destinations to study Italian

Mejores destinos para estudiar Italiano

Study a language other than the maternal language is a real delight for people who value the magic of language. Learning a new language is a different way to see the world. It’s an experience you can make even more spectacular if you do the course in a country where that language you want to learn is the official language.

The reasons are obvious: the best place to take an Italian course it’s Italy. In this country you will not only find yourself with the possibility of learning a new language, but you will soak up a rich culture of several centuries that encompasses the ultimate expression of human manifestations such as art, fashion, food and ancienthistory.

Top 5 destinations in Italy to take an Italian course abroad

We have chosen five beautiful Italian cities that you have surely heard of, each of them has its particular charm and your stay there can be an unforgettable experience for multiple reasons.

Florence, the cradle of art

Do you want to travel abroad to learn another language and besides that you are an art lover? We have the perfect city for you, it is the magnificent Italian city of Florence.

Florence is practically a breathing work of art. Saying it’s the cradle of rebirth Italian it’s just a common place. Florence at the time was considered the capital of Europe. Its history of splendor dates back to the Middle Ages, in which it was constituted as one of the most important cultural, artistic and economic centres in Europe

Florence’s historic center consists of Romanesque and Gothic-style buildings. Many of these buildings are more than nine centuries old. During the Renaissance, there lived cult artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and his students, Miguel Angel, Donatello, Botticelli and Giovanni Boccaccio, to name just a few.

For someone who wants to learn Italian, Florence offers a wide range of prestigious academies. The climate is humid tropical and connects very well with the Latin temperament.

Siena, small, charming and ideal for an Italian course abroad

Piazza del Campo, Siena Cathedral and siena’s Communal Palace are some of the buildings that can sum up the imposing beauty of this ancient city. Gothic and Romanesque architecture predominates in its surroundings; in its museums you can find works by the great artists of the Renaissance.

Another attraction of this destination is its wide gastronomic offer, which includes the most exquisite Tuscan wines and its pasta and bread preparations based on the best wheat. There you can not miss the internationally known Palio, which is a horse race around Piazza del Campo.

This event dates back to the Renaissance, at a time when religious authorities banned all violent manifestations such as bulls, the Palio was instead created. In the present, Siena is a city of just over 50,000 inhabitants. Her lifestyle is quiet, making her a good destination for study the Italian language..

Rome, a city open abroad

The city of Rome does not need a cover letter. It’s perhaps the Italian city par excellence. In its time of splendor it was the capital of the civilized world and in it oozes the weight of an ancient history. In Rome you can enjoy in all its splendor Italian food and culture. It has a huge number of historical sites such as the famous Roman Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican museums.

Rome was founded in 753 a. C.; its artistic, cultural and social history is an archetype of the entire West. Today, Rome prides itself on its immeasurable past and welcomes people from all over the world who come for various reasons such as tourism, business, pleasure and education.

The offer of institutions to learn Italian in Rome it’s huge. Options can be found for virtually all audiences. Without a doubt, this city will open your mind and you will fill your own story with unforgettable moments framed by immortal scenarios.

Milan, a stylish city

Milan is one of the great metropolises of northern Italy. It is the capital of the state of Lombardy. This entire region is recognized for having extensive economic development and industrialized urban centers. Milan is the capital of fashion and design and its tradition goes back far back in time.

Milan is the second most populous city in Italy and is the financial center of the country. It was founded around 400 a. C. and has a rich history worthy of its millennial age. It was originally founded by Gallic peoples who settled in that area for its strategic location as a trade route. Later the Romans claimed the city to have control of the route.

During the Middle Ages it became the most important city in Italy. This period is known as the Duchy of Milan or Milanese. Today, Milan is a modern city of seven million inhabitants characterized by its industry and good taste.

Imagine studying Italian in Milan and getting to know first-hand what his exquisite lifestyle means. In addition you can visit art galleries and museums, as well as restaurants and other historical sites with various attractions..

Syracuse, an ancient gem

Syracuse is a legendary city located on the island of Sicily. As tourist attractions, it has a lot of Greek and Roman ruins. In ancient times it was a strategic point for trade in the Mediterranean Sea.

Every year thousands of tourists come there to appreciate the wonders of its archaeological museums and temples dedicated to Greek deities such as Apollo. Syracuse is today a city with a quiet lifestyle and a sustainable cost of living for those who come there to conduct language courses.

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