Gap year to learn languages abroad. Should or shouldn’t?

Año sabático para aprender idiomas en el extranjero


Are you thinking of taking a gap year to learn languages abroad? This can be one of the questions you have at the end of a school year, either after school or high school. And I’m sure you’re not the only one with this particular interest, as many young people today are looking to do a gap year. The gap year with its advantages will be a very good decision in your academic and professional life. In addition, of course, you will be able to enjoy the experience of knowing a different culture while learning and improvements a language.


What you should know if you’re going to take a gap year abroad

Usually, the language that most students choose is English. However, there are other languages that can achieve some particular interest such as German, French and lately Chinese.

Find the best destination. In Latin America, the most appetizing destinations are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Australia and New Zealand. In some cases, you may find the possibility to study and work in a shared way. In this way, the costs may not be as high. Remember that the destination you choose will be your home for a foreign gap year.

Investigate what the requirements are for each country. In some cases, the destination country asks students to have a visa to justify their stay for one year. Know what visa you need to travel to each country.

Find the program that catches your eye the most and meets the expectations you are looking for. There are courses dedicated to improving some aspects in particular, such as conversational, specialization in business, marketing, journalism, hospitality and tourism.

Finally, pack your bags and enjoy one of the best experiences in life.


Gap year and advantages of doing it abroad

Here are some of the advantages of doing a gap year abroad:

  1. Multicultural experience in the foreign gap year

Like you, there are many young people from different countries and cultures looking for a program to learn a new language. The cultural experience not only of living in another country, but also of sharing with people from different countries, will be a fact that will nourish your mind. In a gap year the advantages, in addition to learning the language, are to know and learn from other cultures, religions, customs and meals. You’ll know amazing places.


  1. Better career options

This can be a competitive advantage, as it will add value to you in the world of work. The fact that you’ve learned a second language it is a point in favor that many employers and companies take into account in their employee selection processes today. Additionally, people who learn a second language are more likely to develop strong cognitive skills; It will help you to have a better training of concepts, provide you with mental flexibility, provide skills to listen and solve problems, as well as encourage your interaction with other people. Find out what to keep in mind here when it comes to adding your language level to the resume.


  1. The gap year and the advantages of being fully immersed in learning the language

Being in a place where the language you are learning is native will make it inevitable to be able to learn it. You will be in constant contact with the language most of the day. From the coexistence with the family that welcomes you to the fact of watching and listening to TV shows, going out to some restaurant and asking to eat or even reading the advertising and advertisements that are in the city. With each interaction with the local culture you will learn new words and you will surely enrich your vocabulary.


  1. It will be the experience of your life

Not only will you be acquiring a new language, you will learn to survive in a culture other than yours. You’ll develop new skills and get to know yourself better. The first few weeks will be a complete challenge, but don’t get discouraged, it’s a natural thing when faced with new experiences. Overcoming these challenges will improve the way you face everyday problems in your working life.


  1. Acquire new hobbies

You will have the opportunity to explore new pastimes in the city that will be yours for a year. You will enjoy a museum, learn to dive, maybe surf… You will open your artistic skills to another level, exploring painting, music or crafts. You will delight in a bike ride or a walk in some forest or national reserve. You will even enjoy the ski resorts, if you decide to go to some latitude that offers this possibility. You will surely learn some new cooking dish, with which you can surprise your family when you return.


  1. Meet new friendships

There’s one thing we guarantee you: you’ll make a lot of new friendships. Think for a moment about the cultural diversity of your new group of friends, all with one thing in common: being away from home and facing a new culture. Likewise, you will meet local people with which you can share some particular taste. Talking to people in their native language is one of the best ways for you to sharpen your ear and significantly improve your conversational level. Stop for a moment to think and visualize that environment, per might the love of your life is a few miles away.


  1. See and dominate the world

Knowing another language opens up the possibilities to enjoy a trip alone or with your family to the fullest. That it is not an impediment for you not to be able to communicate and make the most of your vacation or business trips to other countries in the future. It will be easier for you to travel if you already have a previous experience abroad.


Well, if you are considering taking a gap year to learn languages abroad, in Ynsitu we have long-term courses abroad so that you can carry it out, as well as the best advice so that you can fulfill this dream.


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