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Ynsitu overview.

  • How can Ynsitu offer the same prices as the schools in their courses?

    Ynsitu offers the same prices because we don’t work with agencies, meaning we cut out the middleman. We work directly with the schools and in turn advertise their products.

  • Can anyone register with Ynsitu?

    Yes anyone with an email address can create a profile on our web.

  • How do I sign up to a course?

    Choose the course that most suits your needs and work out; your personal budget, the number of weeks you want to study and the kind of accommodation that would suit you. Once you’ve done this you can get on with reserving by logging on to Ynsitu if you already have an account, or if not fill out the necessary information to be able to log on. Once you have reserved one of our assessors will contact you to keep you up to date on your reservation status.

  • What relationship is there between Ynsitu and the schools?

    Ynsitu is a direct booking portal for language courses abroad. The schools we publicise are fully accredited. We are therefore responsible for their services. We are the booking.com of language courses. Our responsibility is to guarantee that the quality of the services offered by our schools are up to a high standard, those that do not reach this standard are taken off our platform.

  • Are there any hidden costs?

    None, we charge the same price as it would cost you if you approached the schools directly with the added advantage of being able to find the full range of offers on the same site.

  • What are the advantages of using Ynsitu rather than contracting the services directly from the schools?

    You will benefit from the ease of being able to find and sign up to a course in your own language, having personalised attention from our assessors who can also provide additional services such as travel insurance, cancellations or organise a payment plan all from the same platform.

Is it safe to buy at Ynsitu?

  • Can I be confident in using Ynsitu to purchase a language course?

    100%, we comply with all safety standards and in addition all our schools are accredited by official bodies.

  • How much do I pay at the moment of the reservation?

    In Ynsitu you can book your course and accommodation paying only a small part of the cost if you book more than 30 days in advance. In case you choose a course that starts in a shorter period of time, you will have to pay directly the price of the course. Long-term courses usually have specific payment conditions that allow you to pay in installments or defer part of the course to a later date. Please contact us if you have any doubts about this.

  • What are the payment methods?

    You can pay by credit or debit card, Paypal and wire transfer.

    For card payments we use Stripe, a fully secure online payment platform that provides the technical, fraud prevention and banking infrastructure needed to operate online payment systems. Stripe’s infrastructure is used by leading ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Booking, Glovo or Uber among others.

I have doubts when it comes to choosing a course.

  • How far in advance do I need to book my course?

    It is possible to take a course at short notice without any surcharge. However, it is advisable to make your reservation as early as possible since the best accommodations are assigned by the schools in the order in which reservations are made. If you want to make sure you receive all the documents required by the school within the deadline, we recommend booking at least 7 days before the start of the course. Of course if you need to apply for a student visa you will need to book much further in advance, 3 or 4 months, as the documentation of acceptance into the course is necessary to start the visa process.

  • Can I start the course any day I want?

    Our school courses usually start on Mondays but you can start your course all through the year selecting the start date of your course when you reserve it. Some specific courses such as exam preparation courses or courses with activitie have fixed start dates throughout the year.

  • Will I get a certificate once I’ve finished the course?

    Yes, the schools give their students certificates on completion of their course providing students have assisted the required amount of classes set by the schools.

I have some questions about accommodation.

  • Is it possible to select a course without accommodation?

    Of course, with Ynsitu we don’t sell closed packages, you purchase the services that you require. It’s not obligatory to reserve accommodation at the same time as a course, you can reserve a course without accommodation of with accommodation for a shorter period of time then the course duration.

  • What’s best? Lodgings with families/ halls of residence or shared flats?

    All the options are good depending on your preferences they are however different ways to experience your course abroad. The advantages of accommodation with a family is that you experience full immersion, getting to know their customs and culture from the inside with 24 hour immersion in a cosy setting. In halls of residence or shared flats you can enjoy more independence in an international atmosphere where you’ll live with students from many different cultures.

  • How are the families selected?

    In general the schools send us all the information related to your chosen accommodation two weeks before you arrive. The dates can vary as the schools request full payment of the course before they send out the information.

  • Will I be lodging with other Spanish students?

    The schools try to not lodge students of the same nationality together to insure maximum language immersion, however if you would like to be with students of the same nationality then you can indicate that on your school application form.

I have to change the course I want to take, the accommodation or the start date of this, what happens?

  • Can I change my course after having made my reservation?

    Generally you will be able to change the date of your course without any problem if you have booked well in advance and the start date is still far away, however please note that if you change dates in low season for other dates in high season the school will ask you to pay the difference. If the start date of the course is already close the school may ask you for a postponement fee. Always check the cancellation and postponement policies to avoid surprises.

  • And what if I have already received confirmation of my reservation and my invoice?

    We can still modify your reservation after it has been accepted by the school. However, you should take into account that some schools can charge an extra for making changes, being able to make changes does entirely depend on the availability that both the school and accommodation have.

  • What if I can no longer attend my course and have to cancel. What happens in this case?

    Many of the courses you find in Ynsitu can be cancelled free of charge with a minimum notice of 30 days before the course starts and many of them in better conditions, however you should always check the particular conditions of each school as they may consider some concepts such as registration fee or accommodation fee as non-refundable. In case you need to cancel, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can notify the school immediately and avoid cancellation fees as much as possible. Many schools allow you to postpone your course free of charge, although others apply charges for postponing courses and/or accommodation. We advise you to always check the conditions of each school beforehand.

I am considering enrolling your insurance, but I have a few questions.

  • How do I contract insurance and pay for it?

    Once you sign up for a course, select the box to take out insurance with us and you will pay for it along with your course and accommodation.

  • Which insurances can I contract?

    We provide

    •  “Worldwide travel insurance” for stays outside of Europe. It covers you for unlimited medical assistance worldwide.
    • “European travel insurance” covers you for the whole duration of your course in Europe.
    •  “Cancelation insurance” Receive up to 100% of the charges you would have had to pay in the case of having to cancel for whichever of the 34 cited guaranteed cancellation reasons . Present with your claim a document justifying the reason.
  • When will I receive my insurance information?

    Once you have paid your total cost of the course you will receive the information about your insurance within 2 working days.

  • Can I change the dates of my insurance?

    It’s possible to change the dates of your insurance as long as the start date has not passed.

  • If I have to see a doctor abroad how do I get reimbursed the costs?

    It’s very simple, follow the steps indicated in your insurance document that you will have been sent with your insurance.

I still have some doubts about your website, what can I do?

  • Contact us

    Don’t worry, we all have queries, get in contact with us and someone from our team will contact you in order to help you with all that you need to know.


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