Do you need a Visa to take your course?

Ynsitu's advice on visa applications and management:

Before planning your trip, we recommend that you inform yourself about the visa you need at the embassy of the country you are going to travel to.

Keep in mind that depending on your nationality and the country you want to travel to take your course, the conditions for obtaining a visa may be different. If you are going to apply for a student visa, keep in mind that on many occasions the course must be already paid in order to carry out the visa application procedures.

We recommend that you book your language course well in advance (2 to 3 months minimum) in cases where you need to obtain a visa to complete the procedures.

Remember that certain visas require a prior appointment at the respective consulates, so you must anticipate when making an appointment.

Prepare your documentation carefully before applying for any type of visa to avoid delays in acceptance. Remember to check the documentation you need previously at the embassy since this can vary depending on your nationality.

Remember to check the deadlines to apply for your visa and the dates of departure from the country where you are going to take your course.

Prepare your payments for visa fees in countries where it is required to pay an amount to obtain your visa.

Rigorously review all regulations and conditions.

Recommended links for visa information.

Select the country to which you want to travel to take your course and obtain specific information on visas: