Payment methods

Paypal payment

PayPal is the world’s best-known payment platform. It’s a secure and easy way to make payments that allows you to use most cards and bank accounts.


When is the payment made?

At the time of the transactions Paypal processes the amount and will charge it to your Paypal account or, if or have an account, to the credit/debit card you provide at that time.

Credit/Debit Card Payment with Bank Validation

Through the Stripe payment platform you will be able to make your credit and debit card payments in a 100% secure way with validation through your financial institution’s online banking gateway.


When is the payment made?

At the time of transactions Stripe will connect with your bank to verify the amount and process the full payment of the amount specified in your reservation.

Bank Transfer

If you wish you can make your payment by bank transfer. The verification of the reservation of the place with the school will be made after receipt of the payment.

The verification period for receipt of payment may take between 2 and 3 business days from the day the transfer was issued.


At Ynsitu we do not want anyone to run out of travel, so we help you finance your trip through Pagantis.

What is Pagantis?

It is one of the leading flexible payment solutions in Europe, with simple depreciable fees from the start. The only cost customers assume is the interest associated with each financing. No documents are needed as proof of income or payroll, only your national bank card is required. Learn more about this leading platform: