The Best Countries To Learn Spanish Abroad

The Best Countries To Learn Spanish Abroad

Do you want to learn Spanish? Going abroad is the best way to do so! Go abroad to a Spanish-speaking country, immerse yourself in that culture and language. You will gain more than you ever would from an online course. Traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, and enrolling for a language course in that country, would be very beneficial to you. You will receive a wide array of experience, knowledge, and hands-on-practice in learning a new language. There is no better way to learn a new language than going abroad and doing it there!

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Do you live in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Asia? Then the best countries you could go to learn Spanish is in South America.

Here are four cities which are the best for learning Spanish in South America:

  1. Argentina

Take your tango and Spanish-speaking skills to the next level by studying Spanish in Buenos Aires. This city is often called the “Paris of South America.” You will find a host of other travelers and many language teachers who would be more than happy to teach you Spanish.

The economy in Buenos Aires is so friendly that you can stay at a place that does not cross your budget.

There are so many Spanish language schools and courses for you to pick. Finding a place that suits your need will not be hard for you in this city at all.

Obviously, you will not spend all your time in the classroom, will you? The city is a thriving hotspot for music, food, and art. This is the best way for you to immerse yourself in the culture and learn the Spanish language.

Cordoba is a city to the north-west of Buenos Aires. It is smaller and more intimate than Buenos Aires. The city is located in the foothills of Sierra Chicas on a river, yet the sot of living and course fees is lower than in Buenos Aires.

This historical city is the best place for you to learn Spanish. It is a hub thriving with students from all over the world. It also has a thriving nightlife. You could visit numerous clubs, restaurants, and cute little coffee shops. The large student population gives the city a very dynamic cultural and social life.

As a language student, you can enjoy the movies, art exhibits, and the folk performances that happen in Cordoba. This city is packed with museums, galleries, and theaters. A great opportunity for you to go there, make local friends, immerse yourself, and learn Spanish in this bustling city.

  1. Columbia

Bogota is the country’s capital. It is a historic city flooded with cultural diversity. The Spanish accent in this city is also very easy for you to pick up!

The expenses are pretty low in Bogota. You will enjoy your stay in this city because of the amazing climate. You can go around the city and visit historical and cultural sites. Buses are very cheap here, and well-connected across the city. Stay in Bogota and learn Spanish from scratch or refine your skills. Immerse yourself and gain some exciting experiences!

This city is surrounded by mountains. At night, while practicing your Spanish, you can witness the beautiful sparkling lights.

You can also take a break and go sight-seeing. You can go to El Penon and do some hiking there. From the top, you can see beautiful views, including a very beautiful lake. You could also visit the Columbian town called Gautape. It is a colorful town and a good place for you to interact with the people and refine your Spanish-speaking skills. Also called the “City of Eternal Spring,” this city has the best climate for your study.

During the weekend, you can take a break and visit vibrant nightclubs and bars. Medellin was also named as the “Most Innovative City” in 2013. Visit historical architecture and learn the history of this city while learning and perfecting your Spanish!

Do you live in Europe, or the western parts of Asia? If you do, Spain is a county that is close to you, the best country for you to learn Spanish!

The Spanish that you will learn in Spain is different from the Spanish in South America, but once you learn it, you will be understood in all Spanish-speaking countries.

  1. Salamanca

Here is a very valid reason you should go to Salamanca to learn Spanish. The people here speak Spanish with a classic Castilian accent, which is most easily understood in Spain.

Salamanca is also an important university city where thousands of international students study. It is a young, tolerant, and safe city where you will find like-minded students to enjoy academics and leisure activities too.

You can find Spanish-speaking schools very easily in this city. The city has a high number of Spanish-speaking schools, 16% of the county’s total market goes into teaching Spanish.

Salamanca is cheaper than bigger cities like Madrid and Barcelona, even though there are lesser things to do.

  1. Granada

Do you want a more challenging experience to learn Spanish? Then Granada is the city for you! People in Granada speak Andalusian Spanish, and the dialect has noticeable differences from Castilian Spanish. People here speak with a strong accent, so you probably would want to learn Spanish here only after you have already mastered the basics.

Granada is a city that is filled with ancient structures built as far back as the 1200s. You will be able to visit historical chapels, mosques from the Arabic dynasty, and museums. You can also go to the huge and enchanted castles and write about your experience in Spanish! The Alhambra is such a palace that is also an enclosed town, brimming with beautiful scenery all around.

  1. Madrid

Madrid is the capital and multicultural city of Spain. Around 130,000 students of Spanish visit Madrid each year. You have an amazing collection of Spanish schools to choose from. Each of the 179 municipalities in Madrid has eye-catching destinations to visit. There are numerous UNESCO Work Heritage Sites also.

Madrid is a city that is pure art. Avant-garde artists from around the world have chosen Madrid as their Backdrop. You can also see the masterpieces of artists like Goya and Picasso himself!

Bored and tired of studying? Madrid has a booming nightlife. It has the largest leisure offering in Europe, and maybe you could go a whole night sight-seeing the city.

  1. Barcelona

Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain in terms of population. Ninety-eight percent of the people here speak Spanish either as their first language or their second language. Barcelona also gives you the unique opportunity of learning Catalan along with Spanish.

Even though Catalan is a prominent language spoken in Barcelona, you will find street signs, radio stations, and even television channels that are in Spanish. What better way to immerse yourself in the language?

Barcelona is a beautiful country with countless tourist attractions, a unique culture, and a pleasant climate. It is also well-connected by a modern Tram system, metro, and taxi services.

Barcelona has been named the “City of Literature” since 2015 by UNESCO Creative Cities Network. You could also visit the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, home to architecture from Medieval times. In addition to this, there are numerous World Heritage sites, and the Sagrada Familia is such a site that must visit. Make sure to practice your Spanish while you ask for directions and interact with the people in the city.

The longer you stay in a country to learn Spanish, the better it will be for you! You would want to stay for at least three months. This is because it will give you so much more exposure than doing a Spanish course online. You will gain a solid foundation in the language in theory, but mostly in actual practice. You will also gain the confidence to interact and make friends with Spanish-speaking people. Going abroad is a totally different experience, something that you are likely never to forget.

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