The 5 best websites and blogs to learn Chinese for free

Las 5 mejores webs y blogs para aprender chino gratis

Chinese is one of the most demanded languages at work level today and therefore learning it is a fantastic way to expand your career opportunities, improve your CV, and also, why not say it, to travel more comfortably and enjoy your incursions through the eastern country in case your idea is to visit it.

Today, Chinese and English, along with Spanish, are the three most spoken languages in the world and you don’t have to move from home to get to know any of the three.

Although the best way to learn it is to take a Chinese course abroad, here’s a more affordable option for you to take some level with the top 5 websites and blogs to learn Chinese for free. Don’t miss out on our great selection!

The 5 best websites and blogs to learn Chinese for free


This website to learn Chinese offers level courses (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) with numerous lessons. The exercises are designed for a Spanish-speaking audience and contain a large number of audios to improve pronunciation, practice oral comprehension and improve in conversation. It also contains a large number of free and fast- consultation resources for self-taught training in the Chinese language.


Through this page you will be able to learn a new word every day (with its transcription, writing, meaning and daily use). And if you don’t want to stay there, you can dive through the more than 2,500 words available in your database. Despite this, this website has no language grammar lessons per se, so you should consider it as a training complement to other online Mandarin Chinese learning courses, yes, a very complete complementary training.


HelloChinese is an application to learn Chinese in a fun, effective and above all very easy to use way. It is designed for those who want to learn Chinese from scratch, as it is like a game and really simple in its use. You can learn the tones, speak Chinese, write and read the characters appropriately. All this in a didactic and entertaining way, so that learning the Chinese language, which is not simple, is as fluid and fast as possible.


This YouTube channel is a great resource for learning Chinese easily. Her teacher, of Chinese origin but with perfect Spanish, brings us all kinds of lessons, from simple like colors, numbers etc to more complex ones, but all this with a close tone that make it much easier to learn the Chinese language. Easy to consume, wonderful to learn. Don’t miss it!


In this simple but wonderful blog you will be able to learn Chinese from very basic levels in a simple way. The site has free lessons, articles, courses, challenges and podcasts through which your Asian language level will greatly improve. Its way of writing makes it very easy to understand, with practical topics that make learning very effective.

We hope that this list we offer you from Ynsitu will help improve your level. And as a next step, we can’t if we don’t advise you to take a Chinese course in China to finish perfecting the language. Your personal (and professional) self will thank you very much. Invest in your future!

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