Why an online course is the perfect prelude to your language course abroad


If you are planning to take a language course abroad in 2022 but you are still in that first phase of your language learning process where you search, compare and choose your perfect language course, we have a way not to procrastinate any longer, a way to lay the foundation stone of what will be a great journey in which you will learn and live incredible experiences.

And that first step is to take an online course (English, French, German, Italian…) with the school with which you will later follow the classroom training.

What are the advantages of starting your training with an online course?

If you have already decided on a specific School but you still can’t make the trip to start the course in person, we recommend you to take an online course with that same School, which will be available through our Ynsitu platform.


5 great advantages of starting with an online course from our own school

1- It allows you a first approach with the School.

You will be able to meet their teachers, their methodology and their way of teaching. This way, you’ll have a better idea if it’s the right school for you when you travel there.

2- Easier admission

In some schools, the admission of new students is not easy. Either by certain requirements, quotas … therefore, if you have already completed an online course with this school and you already know you as a student, your admission process will be easier and your chances of entry much higher.

3- Fees already deposited

If you take an online language course with the same school with which you later take a face-to-face course, you will no longer have to pay the new student registration fees, as you will already be their student.

4- Optimize your experience from minute 1

If you already have a minimum level of the language you want to learn, you will be able to maximize your experience from the very first moment, not only academically, but also in your social relations with your classmates and the environment in general.

5- Start learning now

Although it may not seem like it, life goes by very quickly, and something as important and time-consuming as learning a language should not be put off and left for an undetermined “better time”. You must take the bull by the horns, and as far as you can, start studying it now. And this is where the alternative of an online course comes into its own.


At Ynsitu we offer you a wide range of online courses so that you can start practicing the language you want right away, without spending more time. It’s time to train yourself, to grow, to start investing in your future. It’s time to learn.

The cultural peculiarities and differences that characterize the United Kingdom

Las peculiaridades y diferencias culturales que caracterizan a Reino Unido

Before traveling to a foreign place or with cultural differences to those of our habitual residence, it is important to know certain customs and peculiarities about our destination country.

In this article we are going to talk specifically about the differences that characterize the United Kingdom, a country that has become one of the main destinations for English courses, with respect to Spain or Europe in general.

Social esttachment

First of all, let’s highlight the social distance. As we well know, in Spanish culture we are very close to each other, but in the case of most European countries there is an opposite situation, and the United Kingdom is no exception.

In Spain, we tend a lot to automatically give two kisses when greeting someone or when we are introduced to a new person. In the UK, this gesture is reserved for more familiar gatherings. In the above case, in British culture they would use a handshake, a hug or a simple verbal greeting, depending on the situation and the relationship with the other person.


On the other hand, when communicating with each other there are also great differences, which many of them can lead to misunderstood.

We Spaniards are very direct and abrupt in speaking, on the other hand, the English tend to turn the sentences around more before formulating them. It is very important to take this into account and not translate what we would say in Spanish as is in different situations. For example, if we are talking to someone and have not understood what he tells us we should say something like “Pardon?”, because if we let go of “What?” it can be rude and outrage our interlocutor.


By far one of the most consumed drinks in the UK is tea. It may seem like a myth because of the stereotypes that appear in movies, but nothing further from reality. They have even developed a new term, the “cuppa”. In fact, the British not only consume this drink at 5pm, as we see on TELEVISION, but it is the exact substitute for our coffee (breakfast, dessert, drink between hours, etc.)

Another of the terms that the English have introduced in their vocabulary is “dunking”, that is, spreading a cookie in the tea when eating it, as if it were a glass of milk.

The rounds

Unlike in Spain, which are usually ordered and paid for drinks individually, in the UK they do so in rounds. This means that when you’re going to order a beer for example, you order one for each of those in the group and of course you pay for it. When you finish it, it’ll be another group that asks for it. If you leave the pub and one owes you one, it will remember and invite you another day. Don’t go over the booze!

British monarchy

As we well know, the english’s worship of the royal family is much greater than that in other monarchical European countries. This adoration we are talking about is so great that it has made the royals an identifying mark of the country.

How about these features about the UK? Were you aware of his peculiarities? Discover these and many more with an English course in the UK. Take a look at everything Ynsitu has in store for you.

Venture to Malta and take advantage of our English courses abroad

Malta is a country of the European continent with a historical and architectural interest materialized in its monuments and walled landscape. It is a place of cultural exchange, not only European, but also global. Get to know the English courses abroad.


1. Valletta

It is the capital of Malta:beautiful, baroque, walled and fortified, with squares full of cheerful and festive people, where you will find a variety of food and places to have a good coffee.

2. Barakka Gardens in Valletta

If at noon you hear gunshots,don’t panic: it’s the daily ceremony held in the port, which attracts tourists and locals. These gardens have a frontal view of the fortifications of The Three Cities, across the harbor.

3. Con-Catedrla de San Juan in Valletta

One of the places with the greatest architectural and pictorial interest of the city is this con-cathedral built in 1577,under a Baroque style. Among this is the masterpiece of the Italian painter Caravaggio: “The Beheading of St. John”.

4. Fort of San Telmo in Valletta

Inside you will find the city’s War Museum. After you visit it, you can go for a walk through the walls that lead your view towards the Great Port of Valletta. A curious fact is that in this fort was recorded a scene from the film “The Midnight Express”.

5. Gentlemen’s Hospital in Valletta

Of vital importance to modern Europe, due to its spacious architecture and excellent supply of medical implement. In fact, here you can see the largest room in all of Europe. Today, it hosts various congresses and exhibitions.

6. Basilica of the Carmelites in Valletta

One of the most modern buildings of the city,built in 1981 and with a dome that you can see from various points of the peninsula, due to its high height compared to the other buildings.

7. Grand Master’s Palace

This has historically been and, to this day, the residence of representatives and leaders of the archipelago. In medieval times it was home to the highest authority of the Order of St. John, while today it is the presidential house. Inside this palace you will find the Museum of Armor.

8. Senglea Watch Tower

This place is a monument to the lookout, attention and victory. In the tower, eyes that refer to constant observation, and ears reminiscent of the importance of listening are sculpted from its walls.

9. Birgu

This city belongs, like Senglea and Valeta, to the group of “Three Cities”. It also responds to that defensive position of its architecture, and presents itself as a fort that combines with the colors of the Mediterranean.

10. Palace of the Inquisitor

This place was the seat of the Inquisition,until its abolition in Malta in 1798. Explore its curious corners such as The Courtroom. Remember that Malta is a country where the Catholic faith is expressed from architecture to its traditions.

11. Fort San Angelo in Birgu

Located on one of the tips of the peninsula,this place continues to engage that Maltese defense of the Middle Ages. Had it not been in this area, we could not enjoy the walled city, full of hostels and palatial buildings that still wait for you.

12. Mdina

This city, in addition to also having beautiful walls that allow you a sublime view of the Mediterranean, has incredible doors that have been preserved since the Middle Ages. Mdina worked as a recording set for the famous Game of Thrones series.

13. St Paul’s Cathedral in Mdina

As you will notice, Malta is a place with many cathedrals: there are about 500 in the archipelago… and St Paul’s is one of these. You will live a direct experience with religious tradition by admiring the tombs of marble, important priests and clerics of the cathedral.

14. Palazzo Falson in Mdina

This is one of the architectural works that justify why Malta is a Unesco World Heritage Site. This palace presents us with the style of construction that was booming in the fourteenth century.

15. Rabat

This is the city with the greatest archaeological importance of the country,because in it you will find remains of the Roman Empire. Here important monasteries of Franciscans, Anglicans and Augustinians are preserved.

16. Rabat Catacombs

These tunnels, which operated as burials for Christians and then an agricultural pantry for Muslims, open their doors for you to travel more than 4 kilometersin extension.

17. Roman Villa in Rabat

Another vestige of the Roman Empire is the mosaic that you will find on the floor of the remains of this Villa, which today functions as a museum. It is located right in front of the entrance to the city of Mdina.

18. Isle of Gozo

If you want to enjoy a more ruralactivity, venture on an excursion to this island composed of cliffs and coves. To reach this island you will cross with the natural park of the island of Comino.

19. Megalithic Temples

The pre-history also left traces on this island. That’s why you’ll find a wide variety of megalithic structures dating back to civilizations between 3900 and 3200 A.C.

20. Sliema

If you are tired of historical and architectural tours, you can have a leisure time and shopping in this city. Here you will find a variety of restaurants and places to rest. We also recommend a boat tour of the port.

21. St Julians

This is the favorite place for several young people and adults, tourists and locals,due to having a festive and emotional nightlife, specifically the Paceville area. In this place you will find the best hotels in the country, in addition to a beautiful casino.

Take advantage of English courses abroad

In Ynsitu you can find multiple English courses abroad,to put into practice what you have learned in an environment conducive to cultural exchange. Discover all the types of language courses you can take abroad. Remember that the simplest and most fun way to learn English is by traveling and interacting with people around the world. Venture to study English abroad.

5 must-see places in Portugal


Portugal is a country with very good climate almost all year round, with a varied and exquisite gastronomy, spectacular wines and, above all, with hundreds of charming village and kilometers of beaches by the Atlantic Ocean. Dozens of things that make Portugal one of the most recommended countries in the world.
It’s so close to Spain, sometimes we don’t even notice it. Culture and lifestyle are similar and usually when we travel we look for places farther away and different from our own. But we consider Portugal to be one of those places that you can not miss,that is why today we bring you a list of essential places that you should see if you visit Portugal.

1. Lisbon

The capital of the country, the capital of Fado and the seven hills, is one of the places that if or if you should see in Portugal (and to which you will surely want to return). One of the most beautiful places in the city is the Alfama neighborhood,it is full of old things, its callen are narrow, its balconies are full of clothes laid out, there are dozens of small neighborhood shops and handicrafts… Just taking a short walk around the area you will find the true essence of the city. After enjoying Alfama, you can enjoy the incredible views of Lisbon from the viewpoints scattered throughout the city, hop on an old tram,approach the Bélem neighborhood,listen to fado in some neighborhood bar or just have a drink in Chiado. What we recommend without any doubt, is that you book a guided tour in Spanish to get to know its history and all its corners better and thus, do not miss anything.

2. Algarve

Located in the south of Portugal, The Algarve stands out for its endless beaches and spectacular coves,a beautiful natural environment become the ideal place to spend a few days on holiday.
Its long coastline hides immense sandy beaches and turquoise water,among rock cliffs that place them among the most beautiful beaches in Europe (Praia da Marinha, Praia de Dona, Praia da Rocha…). Its small fishing villages with white cottages and narrow streets are perfect for tasting gastronomy. You can also not miss Faro, the capital of El Algarve, to get lost in the village of Tavira or watch sunset from Cabo de San Vicente.
The easiest way to get there is by plane, in high season there are direct flights from Madrid and Barcelona to Faro. Another good option if you live in the south of Spain is to go by car.

3. Sintra

Sintra was declared a World Heritage Site in 1995,you are located in a natural park and it is undoubtedly one of the essential places to visit in Portugal. Palacio da Pena is one of the most famous images of the city, for its colorist architecture and next to the Quinto da Regaleira palace,famous for its gardens full of secret corners, two of the places you can not miss of this city.
To get from Lisbon, you can take one of the trains that depart every 20 minutes from Rossio Station. The journey takes just half an hour and from Sintra Station you can take a bus to get anywhere in the city.

4. Ibidos

Located north of Lisbon, you will find one of the most beautiful villages in all of Europe. Surrounded by 15th-century walls, Ibidos falls in love with its white houses and red roofs, flower-filled balconies and narrow streets.
One of the places you can’t miss about this small town is the same access to it. Porta da Vila is decorated with beautiful traditional blue tiles and on the tour of the wall you can take the best photos as you will have the best views of the city.
In just half a day you can tour the city from side to side, and you can arrive in an hour from Lisbon by bus (from Campo Grande station).

5. Porto

Famous for wine and bathed by the Douro River, Porto competes in beauty with Lisbon. This City is perfect for a weekend, thereare many places to visit, such as the Do Barreda neighborhood, bolhao market, the Clérigos tower… some of the preferred plans are always to get into the bookstore Lello and Irmao and take a sunset walk along the Ribeira.
One of the best things that Porto has is its delicious gastronomy,in which cod predominates and have a glass of wine in one of the famous wineries of Vila Nova de Gaia when the day ends.
One of the best tours of Porto is the cruise that runs along the 6 bridges where you can enjoy unique views of the city, you can also take a visit with a guide in Spanish through the most interesting places.

Now that you know these 5 wonderful places it’s time to travel. Take the opportunity and get to know Portugal with Ynsitu.

Nothing better to know a new country and soak up its culture. Come with us and improve your language level with a course abroad!

5 Reasons Malta Is the Perfect Place to Learn English in Covid Times

In this convulsive time where coronavirus has upset all our plans, there is a destination that has been minimally affected by the pandemic and is already immersed in normalcy and receiving, as every year, a large number of visitors. That destination is nothing more than the wonderful island of Malta, the perfect place to learn English.

From Ynsitu we indicate the 5 main reasons why Malta is the perfect place to learn English in Covid times:

1 – It’s one of the safest global destinations

Malta has been fortunate to be one of the countries least hit by the pandemic,which has allowed it to return to normal faster and in advance to most European and global countries. Malta has had just over 600 cases of coronavirus throughout the archipelago, already exceeding 550 cured, there are no Covid patients in ICU, the deceased do not exceed ten and there is no longer local contagion. The result? That Malta is a safe destination ready to receive tourists,yes, always taking safety and hygiene measures that ensure that the island stays as well, as a safe destination, all season.


2 – English, co-official language

If we go to a country to study a language, that language should be well spoken by its people for total immersion in language and extensive learning. This is the case of Malta, a country that, in addition to its indigenous language (Maltese), has English as a co-official language, being spoken without any problem and great fluency by almost the entire population.


3 – Economic destination

Malta, in general terms, is an economic destination, suitable for most pockets,a determining factor for many families who have had to make important sacrifices because of the pandemic.


4- Fantastic weather

A paradisiacal environment and exceptional climate,that’s what students who decide to take an English course in Malta will be found. You will learn, and a lot, but you will also enjoy wonderful conditions to make it an unforgettable experience.


5 – Activities and places of great beauty and interest

The Valletta’s Old Town (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Hal Saflieni’s Hypogeum, megalithic temples, beaches such as Ghajn Tuffieha, the city of Silence, the natural pools of Sliema, the small island of Gozo… so many outdoor places and activities that make Malta a magical destination.


Therefore, from Ynsitu we recommend Malta as the perfect destination for you to learn English this summer. Get to know here all the schools with which you can carry out one of the most beautiful experiences of your life!


Five Famous Cities for Travelers

Five Famous Cities for Travelers

Travel is a great idea, whether for experienced travelers, or for those people getting away for the first time. For some, packing is the hardest part. They never know what they want to take or leave behind. For others, it may be difficult deciding where to go. There are many places to travel to. In order to decide, looking at some the most popular places in the world, and why they’re a must-visit, is necessary. These five, in particular, are not only popular, but the very best destinations to visit at least once in a lifetime.

First, there is New York City. Everyone has heard of the Big Apple and it more than earns its title as the “city that never sleeps.” While a big city can be certainly intimidating, New York is big enough for everyone and whatever they’d like to do during their visit. It has an iconic skyline, a rich history, and food that local aficionados pride themselves in making the very best of. “We love New York,” indeed. So will anyone who visits it.

Europe’s answer to New York City is London, England. It is filled with history and character dating back hundreds of years. Home to the world’s most famous monarchy at Buckingham Palace, London is a beacon for fun and excitement. With a great variety of culture, London’s many sights and sounds, including Big Ben, give a truly unforgettable experience.

Up next is Paris, France. Whatever has been said about Paris cannot be believed, but not because it’s a lie. Instead, it needs to be experienced in order to be truly appreciated. With the famous Eiffel Tower at its heart, Paris is a city of love and taste. The cuisine is extravagant and world famous as is its wine. It is as much a city to fall in love with, as it is to fall in love in. There is perhaps no better romantic getaway.

Then there is Tokyo, Japan. While comparable to New York City and London, Tokyo stands on its own as a premier destination in the world. Truly, there is arguably no better place for a more unique experience. If one is looking to take a piece of Japan home with them, they can shop in Tokyo’s very own Time Square, the Ginza District. With its many shrines, palaces, and parks, Tokyo is as beautiful to look at as it is breathtaking to enjoy firsthand.

Sydney, Australia is last, but certainly not least. In the Land from Down Under, Sydney might be the best answer for beginners. While far away from home, it certainly goes out of its way to make visitors feel at home. Words cannot even begin to describe its beaches where one can truly relax and swim. There is also entertainment at its finest at the world famous Sydney Opera House. Sydney is as desirable and attractive for a visit as the other four cities. Yet, all five cities are indisputably famous for being unforgettable to their visitors.

Already starting to get excited? Don’t miss the opportunity to travel to your favorite destination while learning the language. To do so, what better investment than to take an English course abroad for example, discover all that Ynsitu has prepared for you!