5 must-see places in Portugal


Portugal is a country with very good climate almost all year round, with a varied and exquisite gastronomy, spectacular wines and, above all, with hundreds of charming village and kilometers of beaches by the Atlantic Ocean. Dozens of things that make Portugal one of the most recommended countries in the world.
It’s so close to Spain, sometimes we don’t even notice it. Culture and lifestyle are similar and usually when we travel we look for places farther away and different from our own. But we consider Portugal to be one of those places that you can not miss,that is why today we bring you a list of essential places that you should see if you visit Portugal.

1. Lisbon

The capital of the country, the capital of Fado and the seven hills, is one of the places that if or if you should see in Portugal (and to which you will surely want to return). One of the most beautiful places in the city is the Alfama neighborhood,it is full of old things, its callen are narrow, its balconies are full of clothes laid out, there are dozens of small neighborhood shops and handicrafts… Just taking a short walk around the area you will find the true essence of the city. After enjoying Alfama, you can enjoy the incredible views of Lisbon from the viewpoints scattered throughout the city, hop on an old tram,approach the Bélem neighborhood,listen to fado in some neighborhood bar or just have a drink in Chiado. What we recommend without any doubt, is that you book a guided tour in Spanish to get to know its history and all its corners better and thus, do not miss anything.

2. Algarve

Located in the south of Portugal, The Algarve stands out for its endless beaches and spectacular coves,a beautiful natural environment become the ideal place to spend a few days on holiday.
Its long coastline hides immense sandy beaches and turquoise water,among rock cliffs that place them among the most beautiful beaches in Europe (Praia da Marinha, Praia de Dona, Praia da Rocha…). Its small fishing villages with white cottages and narrow streets are perfect for tasting gastronomy. You can also not miss Faro, the capital of El Algarve, to get lost in the village of Tavira or watch sunset from Cabo de San Vicente.
The easiest way to get there is by plane, in high season there are direct flights from Madrid and Barcelona to Faro. Another good option if you live in the south of Spain is to go by car.

3. Sintra

Sintra was declared a World Heritage Site in 1995,you are located in a natural park and it is undoubtedly one of the essential places to visit in Portugal. Palacio da Pena is one of the most famous images of the city, for its colorist architecture and next to the Quinto da Regaleira palace,famous for its gardens full of secret corners, two of the places you can not miss of this city.
To get from Lisbon, you can take one of the trains that depart every 20 minutes from Rossio Station. The journey takes just half an hour and from Sintra Station you can take a bus to get anywhere in the city.

4. Ibidos

Located north of Lisbon, you will find one of the most beautiful villages in all of Europe. Surrounded by 15th-century walls, Ibidos falls in love with its white houses and red roofs, flower-filled balconies and narrow streets.
One of the places you can’t miss about this small town is the same access to it. Porta da Vila is decorated with beautiful traditional blue tiles and on the tour of the wall you can take the best photos as you will have the best views of the city.
In just half a day you can tour the city from side to side, and you can arrive in an hour from Lisbon by bus (from Campo Grande station).

5. Porto

Famous for wine and bathed by the Douro River, Porto competes in beauty with Lisbon. This City is perfect for a weekend, thereare many places to visit, such as the Do Barreda neighborhood, bolhao market, the Clérigos tower… some of the preferred plans are always to get into the bookstore Lello and Irmao and take a sunset walk along the Ribeira.
One of the best things that Porto has is its delicious gastronomy,in which cod predominates and have a glass of wine in one of the famous wineries of Vila Nova de Gaia when the day ends.
One of the best tours of Porto is the cruise that runs along the 6 bridges where you can enjoy unique views of the city, you can also take a visit with a guide in Spanish through the most interesting places.

Now that you know these 5 wonderful places it’s time to travel. Take the opportunity and get to know Portugal with Ynsitu.

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