The best language courses for adults abroad, with Ynsitu


Are you in your 30s, 40s or 50s and would like to learn English, Spanish, French or Italian? With Ynsitu this wish can come true. It’s never too late to learn a second language!

How many times have you heard that learning a language is best left to younger people? Well, adults have many advantages when it comes to language learning.

The critical period hypothesis is the academic name for what most of us have come to believe about adults and language learning. Their basic scheme is that there is a fixed period of time in which you can actually learn a language and learn it well. After that… good luck.

This period is supposed to run from birth to adolescence, around the age of 15. But is this true? The answer: maybe. There is much debate on this subject, but many researchers have spoken out against the theory, and some deny the existence of this period.

One of these researchers is David Singleton, professor of linguistics at Trinity College Dublin. In one of his articles he reviews the relevant literature on brain biology only to conclude that there is nothing solid in the science of a critical period, and that is, no one has found any evidence that this period exists in our brains. So it’s time to let go of all age-related anxieties.


Advantages of taking an adult language courseabroad

1. Adults learn faster than children

As you get older, you have the necessary knowledge that comes with learning languages. You may not realize it, but since adults already have a much larger vocabulary than children, it is easier to learn hundreds of new words in less time.

Children find it easier to perfect the sound of a language and adults will get stuck on pronunciation and accents, but vocabulary is easier for an adult to learn because new words can be compared to pre-existing knowledge.

2. Adults are more motivated than children

The first thing to realize is that, as adults, we have more motivation to learn a second language than children. We are usually learning for a specific reason, whether it is a trip, our career or just for fun, but we fully understand why we want to learn a new language. That gives us an advantage! Having a specific goal is a great way to stay motivated.

3. It has cognitive benefits

For many of us, as we age, maintaining a sharp mind is a top priority. Increasing scientific evidence points to bilingualism as reducing the likelihood of brain-related degeneration.

4. It has professional benefits

In many fields, speaking a second language can open doors. Did you know that bilinguals tend to earn more than monolinguals? In the end, the expense of learning a language may be dwarfed by the increased income.

Travel and learn English, French, Italian, Spanish or French.

In Ynsitu, we have language courses abroad for seniors, these courses are focused on adults over 30, 40 and 50 years old. These three blocks are the minimum age ranges into which the programs are divided.

Different types of programs, so you can find what you are looking for. From general language, business language, intensives, cultural activities… study what you want making sure your classmates will be of a similar age to you.

At Ynsitu you have the opportunity to learn English for adults in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada or Malta, among others. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn or perfect the language, meet a new culture and interesting people and visit amazing places.

Learn French for adults in France and discover a multicultural society proud of its history. Paris, Nice, Montpellier or La Rochelle are some of the cities where you can learn one of the most useful languages for business. French, along with English, is the only language spoken on five continents with over 300 million speakers in more than 29 countries.

You also have the possibility to take an Italian course for adults in Italy. What better way to learn it than by traveling to the country that is home to more than half of Europe’s cultural heritage. Italy is one of the leaders in cultural arts, interior design, fashion and the luxury automobile industry.

Learning Italian can be very beneficial in several professional fields and it is probably the language most related to the world of food, music…

Or you can also take a Spanish course for adults in Spain. This language will open the doors to communicate with more than 500 million people around the world and immerse you in the rich cultural offerings available in 20 Spanish-speaking countries.

Studying Spanish in Spain will give you the opportunity to learn the rules of the language in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga…, discover a well communicated and safe European country. You will fall in love with its gastronomy, its culture, and mainly, its people.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to study or improve your language skills abroad. Don’t forget that knowledge doesn’t take up space and that it is never too late!