Interview with Nicholas Wheeldon, Centre Director of EC Melbourne: “Students are looking for more than just English”



Why should a student choose your school?

What better way to explore a city filled with rich culture and history, art, restaurants and great shopping?! Students get to enjoy our modern building with state-of-the-art facilities, while sharing a campus with other university students. They can participate in job advice workshops and workplace assistance seminars. Outside of class, they can take a day trip to Yarra Valley and explore famous wineries such as Domaine Chandon. Melbourne also let’s them discover famous Australian wildlife such as penguins, koalas and kangaroos at nearby Phillip Island.


In your opinion, which are the main benefits for a student to study abroad?

Students get to immerse themselves into the language and culture, allowing them to achieve faster progress, while creating spectacular memories that they will have for the rest of their lives.


How do you see the future of language tourism?

Language tourism is an ever-changing industry that continually seeks to innovate and diversify to provide the market with the best that education can have to offer.


What types of courses do you think will be most in demand in the future? 

Students are looking for more than just English. They want a pathway to further education, advancement in careers. or for immigration.


Name of school

EC Melbourne

Country / City

Australia / Melbourne


The most significant things the school can offer

Modern technology in classrooms, up-to-date resources, highly skilled staff, research-based methodology, a partnership with National Geographic Cengage, an interactive student-based learning environment, an Australian food themed décor throughout the campus, a fun-based extracurricular activity program.


Types of courses taught at the school

General English from beginner to advanced level, IELTS preparation, Cambridge Exam preparation, EAP (English for Academic Purposes), ESP (English for Specific Purposes), Employment and Conversation Workshops.


Attractions in the school’s surroundings and in the city in general

Located in the centre of Australia arts and culture city, students will have the opportunity to experience many different cultures in one place. Melbourne is also a great place to continue on into higher education at international recognised universities.

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