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Malta is a country of the European continent with a historical and architectural interest materialized in its monuments and walled landscape. It is a place of cultural exchange, not only European, but also global. Get to know the English courses abroad.


1. Valletta

It is the capital of Malta:beautiful, baroque, walled and fortified, with squares full of cheerful and festive people, where you will find a variety of food and places to have a good coffee.

2. Barakka Gardens in Valletta

If at noon you hear gunshots,don’t panic: it’s the daily ceremony held in the port, which attracts tourists and locals. These gardens have a frontal view of the fortifications of The Three Cities, across the harbor.

3. Con-Catedrla de San Juan in Valletta

One of the places with the greatest architectural and pictorial interest of the city is this con-cathedral built in 1577,under a Baroque style. Among this is the masterpiece of the Italian painter Caravaggio: “The Beheading of St. John”.

4. Fort of San Telmo in Valletta

Inside you will find the city’s War Museum. After you visit it, you can go for a walk through the walls that lead your view towards the Great Port of Valletta. A curious fact is that in this fort was recorded a scene from the film “The Midnight Express”.

5. Gentlemen’s Hospital in Valletta

Of vital importance to modern Europe, due to its spacious architecture and excellent supply of medical implement. In fact, here you can see the largest room in all of Europe. Today, it hosts various congresses and exhibitions.

6. Basilica of the Carmelites in Valletta

One of the most modern buildings of the city,built in 1981 and with a dome that you can see from various points of the peninsula, due to its high height compared to the other buildings.

7. Grand Master’s Palace

This has historically been and, to this day, the residence of representatives and leaders of the archipelago. In medieval times it was home to the highest authority of the Order of St. John, while today it is the presidential house. Inside this palace you will find the Museum of Armor.

8. Senglea Watch Tower

This place is a monument to the lookout, attention and victory. In the tower, eyes that refer to constant observation, and ears reminiscent of the importance of listening are sculpted from its walls.

9. Birgu

This city belongs, like Senglea and Valeta, to the group of “Three Cities”. It also responds to that defensive position of its architecture, and presents itself as a fort that combines with the colors of the Mediterranean.

10. Palace of the Inquisitor

This place was the seat of the Inquisition,until its abolition in Malta in 1798. Explore its curious corners such as The Courtroom. Remember that Malta is a country where the Catholic faith is expressed from architecture to its traditions.

11. Fort San Angelo in Birgu

Located on one of the tips of the peninsula,this place continues to engage that Maltese defense of the Middle Ages. Had it not been in this area, we could not enjoy the walled city, full of hostels and palatial buildings that still wait for you.

12. Mdina

This city, in addition to also having beautiful walls that allow you a sublime view of the Mediterranean, has incredible doors that have been preserved since the Middle Ages. Mdina worked as a recording set for the famous Game of Thrones series.

13. St Paul’s Cathedral in Mdina

As you will notice, Malta is a place with many cathedrals: there are about 500 in the archipelago… and St Paul’s is one of these. You will live a direct experience with religious tradition by admiring the tombs of marble, important priests and clerics of the cathedral.

14. Palazzo Falson in Mdina

This is one of the architectural works that justify why Malta is a Unesco World Heritage Site. This palace presents us with the style of construction that was booming in the fourteenth century.

15. Rabat

This is the city with the greatest archaeological importance of the country,because in it you will find remains of the Roman Empire. Here important monasteries of Franciscans, Anglicans and Augustinians are preserved.

16. Rabat Catacombs

These tunnels, which operated as burials for Christians and then an agricultural pantry for Muslims, open their doors for you to travel more than 4 kilometersin extension.

17. Roman Villa in Rabat

Another vestige of the Roman Empire is the mosaic that you will find on the floor of the remains of this Villa, which today functions as a museum. It is located right in front of the entrance to the city of Mdina.

18. Isle of Gozo

If you want to enjoy a more ruralactivity, venture on an excursion to this island composed of cliffs and coves. To reach this island you will cross with the natural park of the island of Comino.

19. Megalithic Temples

The pre-history also left traces on this island. That’s why you’ll find a wide variety of megalithic structures dating back to civilizations between 3900 and 3200 A.C.

20. Sliema

If you are tired of historical and architectural tours, you can have a leisure time and shopping in this city. Here you will find a variety of restaurants and places to rest. We also recommend a boat tour of the port.

21. St Julians

This is the favorite place for several young people and adults, tourists and locals,due to having a festive and emotional nightlife, specifically the Paceville area. In this place you will find the best hotels in the country, in addition to a beautiful casino.

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