Where to surf in Mexico

Donde surfear en México


Do you win sun and beach? If you’re done in this article I’m sure you will. After everything we’ve been through this year, it’s normal that our summer, disconnection and all that this entails are on the rise, not to mention our desire to travel. Mexico is a destination that combines all this.


If anything has taught me this pandemic is not to be left wanting to do something, because I don’t know when it will be the next chance to do what I will have. Mexico is one of those destinations I’ve always wanted to go to, but I’ve never taken the step, and now I’m clear, it’ll be my first trip as soon as I can make one.


In addition to its landscapes, gastronomy and culture, Mexico is known for having the best beaches. Sliding your board through the waves that are created on these beaches is the dream of any surfer. Do you want to meet them? I’m going to tell you about one of them.


The state of Oaxaca is one of the most privileged when it comes to talking about its beaches. The most outstanding within this state are:



Recognized worldwide for being the headquarters of the Mexpipe Challenge Surf Carnival. The waves of this beach are perfect for those who want to spend hours mastering them.


Hidden port

It is one of the favorite places for surfers. Not only is it considered one of the best places on the planet to practice this activity but it is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, thanks to its tropical vegetation.


For the next beach we travel to the state of Guerrero and it is the beach of Troncones.



It is one of the best beaches to surf, especially if you are a beginner surfer. The way they break their waves makes doing this activity much more comforting and easier to learn.


Later we will move to the state of Michoacán, on the southwest coast of the country. Here it is worth highlighting the beach of La Ticla.


The Ticla

This beach can bring you one of the best experiences in terms of sailing and surfing. For the second activity the most recommended time of the year is summer as it is when the waves are best prepared. However, you’re still nice for the rest of the year.


The state of Colima is one of the best in terms of surfing, and that many surfers have overlooked. Below I will recommend a number of beaches according to your level in sport.


Easter Mouth

Without a doubt it is the most famous and beautiful beach in this state. The recommended level for surfers who venture into these waves is professional.



If we used to talk about professionals this is definitely that of beginners. Thanks to the way and how to break its waves you will be able to learn and acquire skill and ease in this sport progressively.


Finally, we head to the western state of Sinaloa, a favorite for surfers as it is considered that part of the best beaches are located here, specifically in the city of Mazatlan. In addition, the surfing season on its beaches is much longer than in rest, spanning seven months, from April to October.


Los Pinos

First we find the beach of pines, perfect for beginners. Just like Cuyutlán Beach in Colima, on this beach you can acquire the skills to get into the world of cuyutlán, or take your whim off practicing it from time to time.


High Waves

On the other hand, we find the high-wave beach, prepared for the most experienced. You’ll be amazed at the breaking of his waves, probably his name has something to do with this.


Don’t tell me you don’t feel like traveling somewhere paradise after this! Remember that on these beaches you can not only surf, who has not wanted to spend a week relaxing in one of these places?


Take advantage and do something productive while enjoying your stay. Why not practice a language? How about a Spanish course? Take a look at everything in Ynsitu that’s ready for you.