Where to study Italian Courses in Italy

It is a proven fact that language immersion in Italy is the best way to learn Italian, as nothing can compare to studying a language where it is spoken. Through Ynsitu you can take general Italian courses, business courses, courses to prepare for official Italian exams, intensive courses, summer courses, courses with activities and many more. At Ynsitu you have Italian courses for young people and for seniors (for example we have Italian courses in Italy for adults over 30, over 50...) On the other hand, you have the option, if you choose, to book your Italian course in Italy with accommodation, either with a family, in a residence, in a flat... you choose how you want to personalise your course. Italian schools in Rome or Bologna, immersion programmes in Milan, Florence, Naples...a whole range of options at your disposal. Whether you are looking for the atmosphere of the big cities, or you like the quieter towns, the Tuscany, the traditional southern Italy, the warm Italian coasts... in Italy you will find the perfect place to study and perfect your Italian. A country with an unparalleled historical past, where you will be able to enjoy its culture, its people... and yes, its gastronomy, possibly the most widespread in the world, and not only because of its pasta and pizza. All you have to do is choose your favourite city and set a start date for your adventure. Italy awaits you.

Italian schools in Florence, Italy Course of Italian in Florence


Italian schools in Rome, Italy Course of Italian in Rome


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Italian schools in Naples, Italy Course of Italian in Naples