Why study an English course in Brighton?

por qué estudiar inglés en Brighton

Do you want to know why you want to study an English course in Brighton? Then you will see all the benefits that this city will bring you to know.


The benefits of learning English in Brighton

Many people want to know the best way to learn a new language. The truth is that courses abroad can be a spectacular option. You will understand everything that happens with the use of the language in the first person. That is, in the day-to-day dialogue in that new language.

Let’s talk about English. It may be the “language par excellence” of the planet, as it will serve you both for leisure (for example, to understand songs or movies without translations) and to have job opportunities in an increasingly globalized world.

Studying English in Brighton is one of the best alternatives you have available. Let’s see why.


Study English in Brighton: know its characteristics

Brighton is a city in England known for being vibrant, intense and completely sociable; it is characterized as “little London.” This is because she has everything about her “big sister,” although Brighton is a much more comfortable place.

However, that’s not all. It also has a small coastal side, which makes many call it London by the Sea. Being a much more summery area, it’s perfect for a few weeks, but also for you to settle in for a while and learn a new language.



One of the most outstanding features of Brighton. It is a site that is full of a variety of nationalities, which is why you will find different faces. This implies, at the same time, that you will understand variations in English depending on the region to which your idioms belong.

However, diversity does not end only in language. On the contrary, there is also a wide range of culture, which is always the engine that helps you learn to internalize language. You can see this when you go shopping or when you tour the various galleries of Churchill Square, for example.

Another strong point is social or studio spaces. For example, you’ll notice that there will be a lot of coffee shops, both for rainy days and for those where it’s too hot. Either way, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to have a drink in one of the many establishments with one of the best cafes in the world.

At the same time, music is another of the most important values of the place. Approximately 500 local groups play on a recurring basis here. In addition, you will find local pubs of the under scene,but you will also live great concerts or festivals for different musical tastes.


Sociability when studying English at Brighton

You could already imagine what we’ve been ahead of you for. The truth is that Brighton’s sociability is unique in the world. The possibility of attending various festivals, such as The Great Escape,means interpreting British culture in a unique way. You’ll have access to things you couldn’t get anywhere else!

All this, of course, while making new friendships and practicing all the characteristics of the English language. Also, since culture is very important in this city, you should know that no matter your tastes, there will be some event that interests you. Since the events are social, there will also be people you will meet and be fascinated.

At the same time, you should know that you can easily travel anywhere you want. Rightly, one of the city’s strengths is excellent public transport, which will connect you to the most iconic sites. Nature is also a strong point. We recommend attending the most important places, such as Devil’s Dyke,where you can have a picnic day.

Moreover, the nightlife in Brighton is fantastic and unmissable. You will always have the possibility to make quiet departures to different bars, where you can order drinks typical of the area and meet other foreigners who are probably in the same situation as you.



Paradoxically, Brighton is a perfect city to relax in. While the social aspect is very important, those looking for relaxing moments will find in it a rather carefree atmosphere, where all people have respect and where cordiality prevails.

Gone will be those moments where the routine consumes us. On the contrary, it is one of the most open cities in the UK and people know it. That’s why, especially in summer, you’ll get the feeling that everyone is going at their own pace and that they don’t bother each other.

If you add to that that it is a few meters from the sea – since it is a coastal city – you will have the feeling that you are in a constant rest, even if you do not go on vacation. You can always go to the beach, and it is common to organize together after a day of work, for example, which encourages this good peculiar atmosphere.


A great place to meet

This sea town has an oceanic climate, with perfect temperate temperatures in both summer and winter. However, remember that rainfall is nearby, which is why you can also discover london-style rains in this city near the capital.

It has more than 300,000 inhabitants and a lot of activities for you to enjoy. Brighton is an excellent choice for you to relax and have fun, but also to put into practice all your knowledge of the English language and learn how to use it as a native.


You can learn English in Brighton thanks to Ynsitu. We offer you a wide variety of courses that will make you feel unique experiences. While Brighton is now a territory of others for you, as soon as you step on it you will realize that there is a strange climate of familiarity, which will be completely comforting and will make you never regret your decision to go. Cheer up and discover the benefits of this city!