Internships Abroad: Learning Languages and Gaining Work Experience


Internship abroad is currently one of the most popular options among young people. Recent graduates or those who are about to graduate seek to boost their careers by expanding their experience while
improving their level in some foreign language.

The labour market demands professionals who are highly qualified and also have a solid work experience. For this same reason, internships abroad are so good, as it not only brings experience, but can also help to strengthen in the domain of a foreign language, expand your network of contacts and develop dozens of skills that will surely be very useful for your professional future.

It should be noted that doing these practices can bring many benefits from a personal point of view. The main objective of them is to finally access a job and with such enriching experience, your resume will not only be more attractive to companies, but will also demonstrate your work and personal capacity. The willingness to face and overcome new challenges, the initiative and energy and the desire to work that companies are looking for today.

Having clear the idea of performing this type of internship, the possibilities of finding and finding a program suitable to your needs are multiple. From paid internships to aid for your own performance or large companies that have their own program. Here are a list of programs that can be very useful to you:


Programs that include scholarships for internships abroad


  1. Faro Program:program that allows senior university students to do internships abroad.
  2. ARGO Program: for university graduates who practice in companies in Europe, the United States, Canada and Asia.
  3. Organisations such as AIESEC,which are responsible for contacting young people with companies from different sectors or the EURES network dedicated to professional mobility in Europe.
  4. Own program of international companies, such as The World Bank which has two periods per year to make the application for participation.
  5. Programmes in European Institutions,such as the European Central Bank, the European Commission or the European Parliament.
  6. Or some of the many like EF or Global Intern that are dedicated to the management of international practices and that will help you throughout the process.


As you can see, there are many options that we find to be able to practice abroad. We encourage you to live in this amazing experience, which will also help you improve your language level. You can complement your internship by doing a language course

in the city that go in Ynsitu we help you choose the one that best suits you!