If you are (or are about to be) a teacher, give your training a definitive boost

The learning and teaching of languages does not come down to the acquisition of the language code of a language exclusively, but involves knowing the culture of the place, the professional environment in which we will interact, the emblematic places of the cities to which we will travel… It is not the same to teach our language to a foreign speaker, to teach language under the new laws of countries or to dictate content of this discipline in a language other than our mother tongue.

Each of these needs requires a different approach. That is why there are teacher training courses,courses abroad that offer many advantages to fine-tune the tools necessary to perform in the teaching work. In this article we will talk about three modalities of courses ranging from training to ele teachers (Spanish teachers abroad with no experience as language teachers), university language teachers and even that of Basic School teachers, whoare tasked with dictating content from various areas in a foreign language.

Cursos de preparación de profesores en el extranjero

What kind of teacher training courses could you take?

It is no secret to anyone that the labour market has changed a lot with the technological innovations, migrations and new expectations that today’s professionals have.

Travelling becomes indispensable to forming new families, acquiring knowledge, exploring other realities or perhaps obtaining a longed-for workplace, which perhaps in your home country becomes distant. For this reason, the language schools of the world offer not only language training, but the possibility to travel where those languages you want to learn are alive.

The three most common modalities are:

Language training of professionals or teachers in training who wish to teach their native language in foreign territories.

For them there are total immersion packages in countries where the selected language is spoken fluently, ranging from 300 to 1000 euros. They include the cost of the stay, language lessons and visits to emblematic places of the cities visited, with native teachers.

Training of language teachers, in institutes and academies

that guarantee their training in the tests of sufficiency of the studied language (IETLS, SAT, TOEFL) and in new methodologies applied and adapted to the world today. In this type of course, teachers attend class in certified institutions in language test diligence training while enjoying cultural and entertainment meeting spaces. The cost varies depending on the regions you want to visit, and includes lodging, language lessons and some of the dinners, with options for all tastes and budgets.

Training of teachers from different disciplines of knowledge, responsible for imparting their subjects in foreign languages.

For them, courses are designed in which the language is learned, focusing attention on the vocabulary of the discipline or disciplines to be taught, as well as the language courses for the work. This training refines the teacher’s language pedagogical tools, in order to prepare him for his daily work in school.

In each of these modalities, the most requested destinations cover countries such as the United States, Australia, Malta, England, Canada (in the case of English), Spain (in the case of the Spanish language), Paris and Canada (for learning French), Germany (for lovers of Germanic culture) and China (for those interested in Mandarin Chinese).

The cities most visited by “tourists” of language education are: New York, London, Sydney, Toronto, Sliema, Dublin, Boston, Berlin, Beijing, among others, with campuses and places of scientific and cultural historical interest, which enrich the environment for learning.

Teachers of these programs are generally native in each of the languages, which means that their mastery of both grammar and diction is optimal. This will allow you, if you study with them, to acquire the necessary tools to achieve good performance in the professional fields in which you are immersed.

Where to hire my course?

You can find course packages ranging from 500 to 3000 euros. The price will depend on the number of class sessions you want to take, the amount of time you will stay in the selected country and city, and the purposes the course has for you.

You’ll say it’s kind of expensive to invest in such a course, which is relative, as it’s statistically proven that teachers who master multiple languages have greater opportunities to improve their working lives. In addition, they receive higher incomes and can travel around the world, with the certainty of getting a job thanks to their language training shared by speakers from various nations.

On the other hand, knowledge is now more than ever available to those who can decipher it in its original language. The great academics of history have been polyglots and this particularity of their formation has led them to be great scholars in their fields of research and work. If your goal goes far beyond the mere pleasure of moving through different cultures and you want to embark on a career as a wise man, studying many languages will give you the possibility to capture information from different sources very easily. Therefore, it is more than advisable to do so and do so in places where the language lives, breathes and walks.

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These are times of change, of movement, so you should not miss the opportunity to know the world geography having all the facilities, both economic and technological, to do so. It won’t be an expense, it will be an investment that, in the medium term, could totally change your life. Discover 10 tips and tips for your trip.