What to do after your great experience abroad?

¿Qué hacer después de tu gran experiencia en el extranjero?

Did you just finish your language course and don’t know what to do? Training is a cultural field in which you can always innovate and add new skills or skills. The case of language training was not going to be any less. You’re never going to learn 100% of a language, not even your own.


As mentioned in previous articles published on this blog, there are numerous methods of increasing your level or skills in the different skills required by a language. In this case we will not specify about specific languages since the methods to be covered are applicable to any language.


As we well know, the main skills to acquire in order to consider that we have minimal mastery over a language are: listening ability, speech ability, reading ability and writing ability.


How can we improve these skills?


Listening ability

This is probably the funniest ability to improve, or even if you less laziness. What is this method? Very simple, bring to the linguistic field everyday activities such as watching a movie, a video on YouTube, talks about a topic that interests you or even listen to music. You don’t have a hard time putting it in the language you’re practicing at the time. This way, you’ll be learning while having fun, or at least having an entertaining time.


It is very important to have a good listening capacity since it is this skill that will allow us to understand the rest of people when they want to communicate with us and helps us to improve our pronunciation and to get used to the accent of the natives of the language.


Speech ability

It may sound a little crazy, but believe me that these methods that I’m going to present to you give you effective results.


Do you talk to yourself, too? And have you tried doing it in another language? Many times our mind acts even when we are not realizing it, that is, unconsciously, but that does not mean that it is not working at that time. Talking alone is not the only way to make this method effective. You can also practice talking to friends.


Another effective method is to record yourself talking and listen to it several times. From this method you can listen to your faults and repeat it until you think the result with your pronunciation is optimal.


Reading ability

The only way to improve this skill is by reading. It sounds simple and obvious but you can always turn around looking for articles, books or magazines that are more like your tastes, your personality or your aspirations.


This method will also be very useful to improve your writing ability, because the more you read, the more grammatical constructions you acquire, consciously or unconsciously, that will be useful in the elaboration of texts.


Writing ability

As mentioned above, reading greatly helps the development of this skill. You can take advantage of reading blogs that interest you and finish your “practice” by leaving constructive comments about what you thought, your opinion or aspects to improve. This way you’re making a combination by practicing both skills.


Another method to practice computing these skills in gaining experiences. Why not go to work abroad in the summer? or why not take a gap take a gap year off? Whatever your decision reminds you of the importance of learning languages for your future, discover everything Ynsitu has prepared to make it a little easier for you.