Types of student accommodation abroad

Tipos de alojamientos para estudiantes


Choosing where to live is an important part of your experience abroad. There are many different types of accommodation for international students studying abroad that vary from place to place. Choose one or the other depending on how you want to raise your experience. From here we show you the full range of possibilities.


Types of student accommodation abroad



This is a good choice for students who want freedom and independence. Sharing the same apartment usually with 2 or 3 international or local students allows you to talk to people from various countries who use the foreign language you are learning and therefore improve your communication skills.

The apartments usually have fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms and are typically decorated according to the characteristics of the country. You have more independence and the opportunity to cook your own meals. Single or double rooms are usually available in all apartments. Cooking and cleaning is carried out by the students themselves. The apartments are generally un supervisory and have a kitchen, but are close to amenities such as cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and bus stops.



If you are looking for a more independent lifestyle during your stay and if you want to meet and interact with other foreign students, student residences are ideal. A student residence may vary in size depending on location and availability. These residences often accommodate students of all ages and nationalities in a homely environment.

Student residences are usually the most economical form of student accommodation. Student residences usually offer communal cuisine or coffee shops and will give you the opportunity to practice your new language with your peers, even outside of classes. There is usually a reception to address if you have any problems or questions.



Many schools offer the ability to stay in a residence or campus accommodation. This type of accommodation is the best way to meet other students. The level of comfort in campus accommodation depends on the overall standard of living in the country you have selected. Students live and learn under one roof, basically living together “like a big family,”so to speak. Meals (breakfast, half board or full board) are available in some places at an extra cost.



If you would like to have a little more personal space to stay in, accommodation in a hotel, hostel or boarding house (depending on your tastes and budget capacity), it could be the perfect choice for you. However, this option is usually only best suited for short-term stays between one and four weeks.

You can choose from several options, but all rooms have their own bathroom most of the time. For hotel reservations, please note that double rooms can only be booked by two students travelling together as a rule.



Daily contact with local people, gastronomy, lifestyle habits and the use of your language skills right away are some of the essential benefits of choosing family accommodation. If you are interested in both your own language and learning about the lifestyles, habits and customs of the host country during your stay, then you will find that living in accommodation in a private home is the perfect choice. You will enrich your understanding of local culture and customs, learn expressions and idioms in foreign language more easily and your accent will sound more authentic.

A wide variety of “family accommodation” are available, including families with or without children and single-person homes. Meal supply varies depending on location. A lot of families do not live in the city center. This means you’ll have to walk a little or go by public transport to school. Students living in a host family can greatly improve their language skills through daily conversations with family members. The greatest reward for students and families is the deep and lasting friendship between them.



You will be able to live and study in the house of a language teacher, who welcomes you into his family and make you feel at home. Learning a language in your teacher’s home is one of the most effective ways to learn a language quickly. This alternative is similar to family accommodation, but it will allow you to fully immerse yourself in language and culture, and achieve great results.


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