More romantic cities to study language course abroad

Studying a language course abroad can be a couple’s plan to enjoy the most romantic moments while learning a new language. This idea won’t only provide the best experiences and memories for the relationship but it will also be an excellent opportunity to discover and support yourself.

Although if you travel alone, it is also an extraordinary plan because you can enjoy your course while meeting friends and taking advantage of the events offered by the city.

For starters, studying a language abroad is also immersed in real communicative situations where understanding occurs at more abstract levels, such as intonation or intentions, in this way the linguistic ability is expanded by recognizing the literal and/or figurative meaning.

You only find this benefit if you study directly in a city with the native language. Furthermore, being accompanied is the opportunity to meet and have fun with the aura of love.

Here we present the most romantic cities in Europe and we tell you what you can find in each of them.

1. Nice: French

Of course, on our list is the most romantic language in the world which gave life to artists like Edith Piaf, or whose cities were the scene of films such as The Last Tango in Paris, who also has among his ranks great poets like Baudelaire. It’s just romanticism is in his veins and in his lyrics!

The perfect city to learn French and enjoy your partner is Nice, located in the south of France which has view of the magnificent Mediterranean Sea and elegant or jovial spaces. Start walking on the beach towards the Paseo de los Ingleses, if you don’t want to walk, you can do it on skates or bicycle, even by sea, and enjoy the tranquility of the water.

Upon arrival is the top of the Castle with panoramic views of the city, and to finish, you can discover the gastronomic possibilities of The Nizard Kitchen where the vegetables and the mullet is a combination of traditional smells and flavors accompanied by an exquisite wine, because there isn’t anything more romantic than dinner.

2. Florence: Italian

The literary, artistic and architectural value of this city is invaluable. Surely you know Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo or Dante Alighier and you’ll even have heard of Los Medici but, what do they have in common? Florence! cradle of inspiration and romance.

Julia Roberts at Eat, Pray and Love’s film chooses Italy as her first destination to eat; along the way she finds friends and recognizes the value of sharing during food, but not only that, also learns the gestures that accompany Italian.

Do you love pasta and architecture? In Florence you’ll find everything Bellissimo! Its exquisite Gothic and Renaissance architecture begins in the Duomo Square composed of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore where the dome of Filippo Brunelleschi and inside It’s the mural of The Final Judgment painted by Vasari and Zuccaro.

Then the Baptistery of San Juan with Ghiberti’s work, The Gate of Paradise; his details on the representation of the old testament impressed the young Michelangelo;and finally, is the Bell Tower of Giotto.

But once the classes are over and after walking and admiring one of the cities that changed the history of art, maybe it’s time to find a restaurant. Get ready to choose entry, first and second dish and dessert.

In addition to pizza, Florence has dishes rich in meats, sauces and pasta, the typical ones are Trippa alla fiorentina, Pappa al pomodoro or Pappardelle alla lepre

and a gelato.

3. Lisbon: Portuguese

This city offers a different historical and artistic perspective, modern and a wide variety of activities available that are unconventional but very fun for you and your couple.

From the comfort of the city, you can practice sports such as golf, surfing or sailing baptism; visit the beaches or discover corners of urban art that give life to the city, among them highlights Vhils.

There’s also bird and nature watching, and after class, you can enjoy a coffee, bakeries and tiles in the company of writer Fernando Pessoa’s statue at the famous Café A Brasileira, which let yourself be inspired by Portuguese.

The varied nightlife offers another more intimate alternative: dancing. I’m sure you’ll find one that suits the kind of atmosphere and music you want. The whole middle of Arch of Rua Augusta and the fascinating elevator of Bica.

4. Hannover: German

This city in northwestern Germany is very quiet and it offers the perfect environment to focus on learning a new language, practicing and making plans focused on liqueur tasting.

The Lister Turm Biergarten Brewery offers up to ten types of beer and local cuisine. In addition, the Luttje Lage it’s a typical drink with a very particular way of drinking: the drink is served in two glasses, one with beer and the other with corn liquor that are taken in time, can you imagine? This creates unique experiences.

On the other hand, the city offers Red Line, a route of historical sites. And for lunch, you should try the Rouladen,  a German dish made of deer, veal or pork overlooking the fascinating Herrenhausen Geometric Gardens.

Encourage yourself to enjoy hiking, sports activities, discovering gastronomy, watching the sunrise by the sea and art in the best company while learning a language.

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