Tips for choosing the language course you need

Consejos para elegir curso de idiomas extranjero


You are considering studying a language abroad and you have started to search online courses, but you get lost among so many options… so you wonder, what’s the best course for me?

In this post, we show you series of tips to follow to know which course suit you and your needs.

1) First, you have to consider what type of course you are most interested to do. You can narrow down your search. To be able to identify it easily, we show all the types of language courses abroad offered by schools here in Ynsitu.

In Ynsitu we have courses of: English, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Korean and Portuguese.

2) Once you identify the type of course you are looking for and the language you want to learn, you should know which budget you want to invest, as the choice of your destination will depend on it. If you have a tighter budget, we recommend you not to go to the main and big cities, as this will significantly raise the price. In Ynsitu you can find more than 12,000 courses, in 39 countries distributed and more than 270 cities. Don’t miss our tricks to spend little abroad!

3) When you know the type of course you want to start and the budget you have for it, you will need to answer the following questions:

What group size am I looking for?: Unless the school itself indicates that these are individual or private classes, they will always be in group too. The size depends on each school, but they are usually up to 12-15 students from different nationalities, which gives you the option to improve your level by communicating with them and being able to make friends from any corner of the world.

In addition, if you take a course in low season, groups will be smaller in size, as in high season they are at full capacity. There is also the option “small groups” at any time of the year.

What intensity do you want for your course?: It is essential to identify the number of weekly classes you are looking for. The most common intensities are 15, 20 or 25 classes per week. Please note that there are classes of 45, 50 or 60 minutes. For example, if a course has 20 classes per week of 45 minutes each, it will be 15 actual class hours per week. However, if the duration of each class is 60 minutes it will be 20 real hours. Therefore, you must correctly identify how many hours you want to take.

What level of language do I have?: Classes are taught entirely in the language of the course, that’s why you’ll learn quickly, much more than if you took classes in your country.

Finally, when these questions have been answered, it is time to compare the courses and select the best option. To do this, we advise you to view the reviews and comments of each course, as well as the existing photographs. Keep in mind that you’re going to spend many hours at the school of your choice, so make sure you find the best possible option. Find out about this in each section within each course.

We hope we helped you and you found the best option for your course in Ynsitu, your Booking of language courses abroad.

And if you still have questions, contact us and someone on our team will contact you.

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