8 best cities to study English in Ireland

8 mejores ciudades para estudiar inglés en Irlanda

If you are thinking of taking english courses abroad, Ireland is your place. Irish education is among the best in Europe and even in the world. Teachers are very well prepared so that you can make the most of your stay.

In addition, it is a safe country, with a quiet and very comfortable lifestyle, being able to move to many places and enjoy its natural beauty.


Dublin is the capital of Ireland and at the heart of its economy. It has numerous prestigious schools and universities, as well as many job opportunities.

It is a very touristic city, with a lot of history and lots of international students. If you want to immerse yourself in their culture and discover their lifestyle, it’s a fantastic opportunity. However, its cost of living is somewhat high.


It is a very quiet city that is 30 minutes from Dublin. It is the favorite holiday destination of the Irish for its great leisure offer. You can choose from its multiple residences, student apartments or host families, where you can fully immerse yourself in language, culture and lifestyle.

In addition, in this city you have the opportunity to get a temporary job.


It is Ireland’s second largest city. It receives a large number of tourists and students, for its beauty and its historical component.

His pace of life is quiet, but intense. It is the ideal destination for young people, being able to enjoy festivals such as Cork Midsummer Festival or Coral Festival, and numerous pubs.

It has magnificent parks, castles and villages that will make you feel in a fairy tale. It’s a magical city!


Galway is the center of art and culture, where the historical is mixed with modern life, and has incredible landscapes.

Just like in Dublin, you can find a multitude of schools and universities to train in.

If you are looking to have fun, you like to go out and have fun, without a doubt, this is your perfect city.


Limerick is Ireland’s third most populous city and one of its key points, crossing 4 important points thanks to the Cork- Limerick to Galway corridor. She is known for her art, being named as the first national city of culture in 2014, and one of the main economic regions.

Its ease of move, the tranquility that is breathed, its good quality of life and its cost, make Limerick a great destination.


Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland. It has a great cultural offer with ancient Viking creations.

In August, you can enjoy the Spraoi Festival, where its streets are filled with famous music and artists from all over the world.

As for the gastronomic, it also has a culinary festival. If you like good food, you can’t miss it!


This historic city is 40 minutes from Dublin and is perfect for enjoying Irish culture.

Just like in Waterford, you can enjoy several festivals for both Irish music and art.

If you are looking to combine studies and work in a small town, but with a great quality of life, Drogheda is your city.


This town is located in central Ireland, south of Lake Ree.

Did you know that the oldest pub in Europe is located? His name is Sean’s Bar and opened in 900 a.C, according to Guiness World Records.

Athlone combines history, gastronomy and incredible landscapes. You can enjoy urban life, but also get away from it by visiting the abandoned village of Rindoon and strolling through the Milleninium Firest in Portlick.

If you like cycling, here you can discover wonderful places like the Old Rail Trail and make a stop at Dún na Sí Amenityand Heritage Park.

Don’t think about it anymore and choose one of these magnificent cities in Ireland to take your English course abroad. Discover all types of courses available in Ynsitu. Because learning and having fun is possible!

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