Expand your network of contacts and your horizons through English courses abroad

With your childhood friends, schoolmates and even work, your social media acquaintances have become many and diversified with your growth. But has it happened to your mind to have a network with international contacts? Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? You can achieve this by taking English courses abroad, which, by the way, will bring you great advantages.

Today, having contacts abroad is easier than you can imagine and its usefulness is huge, it allows you to know different cultures, learn languages and maybe even move from the country!

How to expand your network of international contacts?

You can expect some foreign people to come to your school, colony or job and start interacting with them. Maybe some friend moves to another country, but if this doesn’t happen, you’ll have to take the lead.

The fastest way to make friends and expand your contacts is to take some language course abroad. They are short, accessible and do not require a specialized academic basis, can you imagine living unique experiences in another country at the same time as you learn? Then add even more benefits!

You can travel more, in security and economy

By concentrating people from many regions of the world in one place, Multicultural exchange is encouraged and friendly ties are strengthened by sharing peerless experiences imagine studying English and learning to say good days in Norwegian with your friend from Oslo, or to thank your friends in Berlin in German!

At the end of the course, the close ties will continue thanks to social networks. Your next trip could be to Sydney with colleagues who, in addition to offering you accommodation, will take you to the best places in your city and introduce you to other close contacts –around the world may be possible!

Experience learning

If you knew many countries you wouldn’t have to memorize their capitals, their currency or their food, because you would have lived and experienced it. Something very similar happens to your foreign contacts who tell you about their country in a vivid and colorful way as if you were there. Dream when one of your acquaintances describes the Northern Lights in Iceland and enjoys a delicious hot Wan Tan soup that according to your friend from Beijing means “swallowing the clouds”.

Keep your international contacts interacting regularly with them. The possibilities for conversation have no limits: gastronomy, tourism, ideologies, customs, etc.

Amplia tu red de contactos con un curso de inglés en el extranjero

Linguistic fluency

The language professed you have achieved when studying English abroad may decrease without practice. Learning a language is an ongoing process and having friends to talk is a valuable tool that will give you enough confidence to speak it professionally without having to go through stuttering, scrambled stomach or sweaty hands. Imagine performing comfortably between friends and colleagues speaking English in a confident and fluid way, super!

Accompaniment across continents

Knowing that you have a friend in an unknown city is a very valuable support when you are alone or for facing a new experience. Being able to call one of them to inform you of the working, study or living conditions of the country you are going to reach paves the way and gives you confidence. Seeing a familiar face in a faraway place and having a coffee with it is a privilege you can have!

On a professional level

With international networking you will have potential opportunities to study or get work in other countries.

When you enter college your network of contacts is made up of peers who will be your colleagues. In close internships contact with professionals in that area, they can be the basis for boosting your career. But imagine if you also include in your network international friends that you have met in different visits or courses outside the country, they would greatly enrich your chances of growth!

Studying English abroad will give you the opportunity to share a network with people studying or working in other countries, which creates endless possibilities when it comes to sharing information or knowledge. Requesting help and giving it to others is forming a strong relationship and positioning that in the near future translates into access to better job or business opportunities.

This network gives you access to successful job interviews, as a recommendation from our contact is an improvement on your resume.

Stay in touch

You already have more friends in your network, don’t lose them! Maintain regular communication with them and offer them some interest in each conversation. You may be closer to each other than to each other, but remember that you never know the twists and turns of life, keep the relationship alive!

And how do I go on a foreign course?

There are agencies that organize study trips abroad, have agreements with established schools and only operate in certain cities. You can start your Google search and hire all the services separately, which takes time away from you and offers no guarantee.

The best you can do to hire your course through Ynsitu, the marketplace that has all the offer of courses abroad of any language and in any destination.

Just enter, choose the language you want to learn, the country where to learn it and the type of course you want to take. We will provide you with all the detailed information about the courses, the accommodations available, the opinions of other users and calculate the total cost! Nothing easier!

The best time to study English abroad is…

Today!!! No matter your age, it’s never too late to learn a language.

We all like to travel and meet other people and other cultures. Studying English in another country is like savoring bits of the world in every student we live with and that has no expiration limit.

With Ynsitu, expand your international contacts and develop links. Take English courses abroad and… get the world!

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