Why you should take an English course in Dublin

Why you should take an English course in Dublin

Do you want to study English in Ireland,but you don’t know where to do it? Dublin is one of the most chosen destinations to take an English course abroad, whether to start from scratch, improve the level, take a specific course or work at the same time.

Here are 7 reasons why Dublin is the ideal destination for you:

The Irish accent

As we well know, there are differences between the British and Irish accents. You may encounter some difficulties of understanding if you travel to deeper, smaller and closed regions of Ireland. Therefore, a very good option is to take your English course in Dublin, where you won’t find any kind of communication problem, being a very international city, and you will get a total immersion in the language.

Great offer of courses

According to the Programme of International Student Assessment (PISA), the Irish education system is one of the best in Europe. If you are looking for a wide variety of programs, Dublin has the widest and most varied offer of English courses in all of Ireland. In it, there are many options to choose from, with very competitive prices and a great quality in your teaching.

Study and work

As with the variety of supply, Dublin is also the Irish city with the greatest job offer. Here are European headquarters of well-known companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple or Yahoo, among others. Therefore, if you are looking to combine your studies with a job, it’s the perfect destination! You can choose an study and work program or to find a job on your own.

Culture and leisure

If you’re an active person, you won’t get bored in Dublin. With its great cultural offer, you can enjoy cinemas, theaters, museums, festivals and music, lots of music.

In addition, if you are looking for fun and partying, Dublin is one of the cities in Europe with the best nightlife,with its typical pubs and young people. Not to mention it’s beer paradise, featuring a Guinness Museum you can’t miss.

Youthful atmosphere

In this city, more than a third of its population is under 25 years old,making it a young city with a great atmosphere.


When choosing a destination, the price of the trip is usually conditional. You can find cheap flights to Dublin with different companies to choose from and get the cheapest option.

As for the transport of the city itself, as it is not very large, you will not need transport to get around it. It will only be necessary if you want to travel to the periphery or to some beautiful village around.

The character of your people

Its close and friendly people will welcome you from the first moment and make you feel at home. While it may seem obvious, feeling tucked in and out of a community helps make your experience 100% satisfying. Plus, you can make great friends you’ll take with you forever!

We hope to have convinced you about why Dublin is the perfect destination for your experience and also discover 10 things you can’t help but see and do if you visit Dublin.

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