What is the best country to learn English in summer?

«I want to learn English in summer, but where can I go?» This is one of the most repeated questions for these dates among those looking to improve their level of English. No matter the level or purpose: from beginners to people with a more advanced level, workers who need English for business or students looking to prepare for a degree, everyone takes advantage of the holidays to be able to progress with the language.

However, doubts begin to arise when we start looking for courses and see the countless possibilities that we have at our disposal. Which country will do me better? Will it be hard for me to go that far? At Ynsitu we want to help you make the best decision, so we’ve prepared some tips to make it easier for you to choose an English course abroad.

How do I decide to choose a country to learn English in summer?

When choosing a place to learn English in summer we must take into account various factors that will make the most of a unique experience. Each person has their own tastes and needs, so you should carefully choose the language course abroad that best suits what you are looking for.


Budget plays a big role when we have to choose a country to learn English in summer. Not only are we talking about the price of the course, which may vary by country or specialization (standard, intensive, business, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.). It is also important to take into account the expenses that you will have during your stay.

You should ask yourself if you are going to find accommodation on your own or it is included with the English course. Besides, how expensive is daily life in that country? Food, public transport, leisure, etc. are factors that can greatly vary the budget of a stay in another country.


As you well know, there are many accents scattered around the world when it comes to speakingEnglish, even within the same country. It’s hard for a week-long course in English to stick your local accent, as standard English is usually taught in classes, but you can get to be out for a year.

This way, you’re not only going to practice English in class anymore, but you’ll havestimuli to learn English in summer during your day-to-day life, chatting with locals and people who are studying English abroad.


You must look for a country in which to accommodate your culture does not pose you much problem. There are people who adapt to any situation: for them this aspect is no problem when studying abroad.

Of course, if you are interested in the culture of a particular country and are excited about the idea of living it there in person, we invite you to choose a course to learn English in summer there: it can be an unforgettable experience!


The location is partly related to the budget we have to learn English in summer. If we decide to go to a very distant or poorly connected country, it is very likely that the cost of transportation to our destination will be greatly increased.

In addition, the following situation can occur: what happens if to learn English in summer you decide to go to New Zealand or South Africa? Don’t forget when packing: leave beach towels at home and put boots and coat in.

Best countries to learn English in summer by continent

It is very difficult to stay with a single country to learn English in summer: they all have their own characteristics that make them suitable for each person. For this reason, in Ynsitu we wanted to make you a selection by continents.

Europe: England

The country of fish and chips, Big Ben and the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Of course, England isn’t just that:it’s the country of colossal cities like London and more collected corners like Brighton.

Oh, and don’t panic for time! In summer, the sun does rise, even if you don’t believe it.

America: United States

We cross the puddle to the United States, where you can learn English in summer in one of the 50 states that make up the country. Are you more west coast or East Coast? Get lost among New York’s skyscrapers or learn to surf off the Californian coast – all while studying English!

Asia: India

From the United States we take the plane and fly to India, where many of different cultures and religions have lived for millennia. Soak up its cultural richness across the country: you have many miles to go!

Africa: South Africa

Next we move to the southernmost point of the African continent. If you take advantage of summer to go to South Africa to learn English, we recommend wearing warm clothes, as we’ve warned you before: that’s winter!

Oceania: Australia

Finally, we fly to the other part of the world, to the land down under. Get ready to see a country that doesn’t look like this world, full of inimitable fauna and flora on other continents, and an exceptional quality of life.

By the way, don’t forget to try Vegemite. They say it costs at first, but then you can’t stop eating.

Learn English in summer with Ynsitu

In Ynsitu we want to make your trip to learn English in summer as easy as possible. For that reason, we have a search engine where you can choose from hundreds of courses spread across many countries. The best? That you can book with us, without having to resort to agencies, and at no added cost!

If you need more information about us, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out this form or by phone. Our team will take care of all your doubts. We’re waiting for you!