10 Countries to Learn English Economically

In Ynsitu, we know all the benefits it can bring you study English abroad, that’s why we tell you what are the top 10 countries to learn English economically, and that not only are they useful to you to learn English, but to delve into its culture and why not, you can also working and learning English at the same time.

At some point in our lives, we’ve all thought about the possibility of studying abroad and nothing better than doing it in some of the cheap places to learn English.

Whether we want to do it to expand our career or as a personal development.

So, do you want to know the cheap places to learn English? Go ahead!

10 Countries to Learn Cheap English


In Germany you can study cheap English within a country that invests in youth. You will notice that here the new trends are presented every day, and that its younger population stands out for being very original and with a high level of creativity.

It is one of the most selected destinations by international students looking to study English abroad. In addition, it offers one of the best English courses abroad,with the possibility to study the native language in your spare time.


One of the countries to learn cheap English and one of the most popular today is Australia. If you are going to study English for more than 3 weeks, you must have a tourist visa, in case you are going to spend more time in your language courses you must have a student visa.

It’s important to have this documentation, especially if you plan to work when you finish the English program.


One of the cheap places to learn English is precisely Canada. And it is not only in one of the best places to learnEnglish, but it is considered one of the safest countries around the world and the best destinations to live according to the UN.

To this we can add that it has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, with its snow, forests, mountains and lakes. All this makes it one of the best countries to learn cheap English.

United States

Without a doubt, The United States is one of the cheap places to learn English and the best choice of cheap foreign English.

And it is one of the perfect destinations for those students who wish to go further, cross the ocean to know the language and culture of this country from the inside.


India is another cheap place to learn English,thanks to its extensive academic offering. Although you should consider that, in smaller cities you probably won’t find many people who communicate in this language.

Studying English in another country like India is a perfect opportunity to travel to this magnificent destination.


Many international students are approaching Ireland in search of where to study cheap English. Here you will find people from different cultures, with which you can share a few unique moments.

This is one of the cheap places to learn English that have a high turnout, as the prestige of their language courses go beyond their borders. Its education system is one of the best in Europe.


Malta is one of the cheap places to learn English,therefore it is one of the destinations most demanded by students. As in ancient times it was a British colony, English is one of its official languages.

The standard of living in this country is one of the most economical in the region. Its prices are affordable, which makes it one of the best places to study English.

New Zealand

New Zealand‘s education system is one of the best in the region, so it’s one of the cheap places to learn English. In addition, the cost of living in this country is low.

It’s not hard here to combine studies with work. It’s definitely a star destination.

South Africa

This is not only one of the countries to learn cheap English,but it is also an exotic destination that attracts the attention of many students.

We recommend that you purchase the course in South Africa with the inclusion of health insurance, as the quality of public health is not the best and do not possess Social Security as we know it.

South Africans speak British English. In addition, this country has high quality courses at low costs.

England: one of the cheap places to learn English

We couldn’t leave England on the outside. Well, in this we can find an accent of easy understanding, compared to the other accents.

If you want to study the language while getting a job, we tell you that this country has a wide range of jobs. And here you can get not only the best English course,but you also have the option to practice it and get more dexterity.

Have you already decided on any of the cheap places to learn English from this list? If your answer is positive, just contact us and we advise you on everything you need.