The best english books to improve your Reading

Los mejores libros en inglés para mejorar tu Reading


Learning one language, and more English, opens the door to countless new personal and professional opportunities. However, the learning process can be somewhat tedious. For this reason, reading can become one of the best strategies when it comes to improving our level of English. Next, we leave you a great selection of the best English books for reading beginners. It doesn’t matter if you were already an amateur, if you want to improve your vocabulary or just need to improve your Reading. The good thing is that there are books for all levels and tastes that will help you safely in what you need, and above all they will help you enjoy more of your next experience abroad

The same thing happens when we are learning our mother tongue, reading provides us with countlessbenefits: it makes us feel more comfortable when we express ourselves, enriches our vocabulary, helps us clarify certain doubts with grammatical rules… Here’s a selection of the best books in English.


Books for Initial Level (A1)


A Little trouble in California (2011) – Cambridge Publishing

: In this short story you will get to know the life of the Andy and Mary twins. The book unfolds spatially on their Vacation in California, along with their parents, when suddenly and debuting their new camera taking pictures everywhere, they discover that someone very strange has a secret in fear of it being revealed.

Tales of Alhambra (2017) – Editorial Musaicum

: Alhambra is a place of magic and mystery. There are spells, treasure hunt and lots of adventures behind them. W. Irving will captivate you with these stories.

Sally’s Phone (2016) – Oxford Publishing

: Sally is always with her phone, the one she uses all the time. Suddenly, one day he has a different phone that changes his life forever.


Books for Basic Level (A2)


Sherlock Holmes Short Stories (2016) – Oxford Publishing House.

I’m sure you’ll love the best detective ever: Sherlock Holmes. Read these stories and help him solve his unknown detectives.

Anne of Green Gables – Anne arrives (2013) – Editorial Helbling Languages

: Matthew and Marilla want to adopt a child, but when they pick him up, they are very surprised. He’s a very different kid, he finds out why.

Ned Kelly (2007) – Oxford Publishing

Ned Kelly was very poor and hungry. But he surprised by stealing, fighting and living outside the law. Ned was fighting Robin Hood-style, against the rich. This is a true story of the famous Ned Kelly in Australia.


Books for intermediate level (B1)


Bridget Jones’s Diary (2014) – Vintage Editorial

: You will laugh with the adventures of a woman named Bridget, intelligent, seductive, but also clumsy and spinster (for a while). You’ll love this book!

The great Gatsby (2008): Rich and powerful, Gatsby surrounds himself with the cream and cream of New York society. However, he finds himself alone and wants to meet a woman who makes him feel like a real man, so remember one who stole his heart a long time ago.

A Christmas Carol (2019) – Editorial Burlington

: You will know the story of Scrooge, who despises Christmas. But three spirits come to see him and teach him a life lesson on a journey into the past.


Books for high intermediate level (B2)


Animal farm (2008) – Editorial Penguin

: With this animal farm it is possible to make a satire to power, corruption, totalitarianism and politics in general. It tells the story of farm animals that, curiously, behave like humans.

American crime stories (2007) – Oxford Publishing

Curtis is blamed for murder, but he knows he didn’t. But who did it? Who will win a direct death pass through the electric chair?

The Hunger Games (2010) – Scholastic Publishing House: Read the story of Katniss Everdeen, a girl sent to play some infamous games in which twelve districts of a single nation select a boy to participate, of which only one, the winner of the hunger games, is left alive.


Books for Advanced Level (C1)


Pride and prejudice (2019) – Burlington Editorial

: This is a 19th-century romantic story in England, about a girl named Elizabeth and the rest of her sisters. Elizabeth is rebellious and refuses to marry if it’s not for love. She’ll meet someone who’ll make her change the idea she makes fun of all the time, love.

Murder maker (2004) – Editorial Cambridge

: A woman with a desirefor revenge, after her lover left her stand up, decides to arm herself with courage and reunite with other women to change her life once and for all by moving to Cuba.

The Lord of the Flies (2011) – Penguin Editorial

: This is the story of some boys who end up on a desert island, a challenge that will bring with it great difficulties and differences between them. A book to reflect on our human condition.


Now that you know the best books to improve your level of English, you only have to try one of our proposals. Encourage yourself to read them! We are sure they will help you improve English and enjoy much more of your next experience abroad.At Ynsitu we offer you hundreds of courses to continue to evolve, so take your favorite book and pack your bags. The world is waiting for you!

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