Official certificates in English

Certificados oficiales en inglés

Are you thinking of taking out an official English degree for the future? Have you been informed of all the possibilities you have and the benefits of each one? Here’s a rundown with different alternatives.

Cambridge Official Certificate

Probably one of the most recognized degrees both in Spain and at European level. The certifications offered by the University of Cambridge are English level certificates to non-natives of this language.

What are the certificates you can get through this university?

Key English Test (KET): Equivalent to an A2 (basic level). Through this title you show that you are able to communicate using English

Preliminary English Test (PET): equivalent to a B1 (intermediate level). Obtaining this degree means that you have language skills in the fields of study, work and travel.

First Certificate in English (FCE): Equivalent to a B2 (high intermediate level). With this certification you prove that you can use English on a daily basis, both in a spoken and written way, for work or educational purposes

Certificate of Advanced English (CAE): Equivalent to a C1 (Advanced Level). This title proves that you have the necessary language skills to carry out complex research and effective communication in the professional field

Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): equivalent to a C2 (highest level). This title shows that you have an extraordinary mastery of the language

Official TOEFL certificate

Recognition of this degree is especially seen in the United States where you are asked as a requirement in most universities to justify that you have enough level for teaching. In this case, it is a single exam that accredits your language level, therefore there is no option to suspense. However, unlike Cambridge certificates, the TOEFL is valid, and expires in 2 years.

Official TOEIC Certificate

It is also a fairly recognized degree in the United States but unlike to TOEFL, it is oriented to the world of work. In addition, you also cannot suspend this certificate, but what you receive is the degree according to your level. On the other hand, its validity does not expire.

Official IELTS certificate

The certificate of this degree can be obtained through various institutions such as Cambridge, British Councill, IDP and IELTS Australia. In addition, it is valid for two years and is the certificate used in some countries where immigrants are required to hold a degree. On the other hand, within this degree you can find two different versions: one more oriented to the educational world (Academic) and another more oriented to the professional world (General).

Certificado oficial Trinity Certificate

It is a British body that has official certificates in the English language at both the educational and labour level.

There are two types of tests that focus on different abilities.

GESE exam for the official Trinity Certificate

Measures the candidate’s oral ability

ISE exam for the official Trinity Certificate

This exam is more focused on academia and with it the whole skill set is measured

Now that you know some of the alternatives offered by different institutions, are you more convinced or not yet?

Accrediting your level in any language, not just English, can greatly benefit you. In addition to achieving great language professing and higher performance in all their skills, for many people it is a personal achievement and great satisfaction.

On the other hand, it can open great doors for you in both the job market and academia. In the labour market because today languages are given great importance, especially English, due to factors such as their multinational expansion or negotiation with international suppliers between them. As for the academic world, in many universities you are asked for a language certificate as a requirement of access when it comes to international or bilingual careers.

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