10 reasons to study English in Scotland

10 reasons to study English in Scotland

Do you want to take an English course abroad and you don’t know what the perfect destination is? Scotland is a good idea! Don’t you think it? Keep reading!

1.Scotland is located in the UK

Scotland belongs to the UK, so you can benefit from the same advantages such learning English in a prestigious schools and there’re wonderful places to visit.

2. You can study and work at the same time

Scotland is the lowest unemployment country in the UK, which can be a great opportunity to study English and work at the same time. In this way, you can pay for your stay and have a better stay! 

3. You won’t speak your mother tongue so much

When studying abroad, you are looking for a complete linguistic immersion. This can’t be achieved in a very touristic places, such as London, because there are many foreign people who speak your own language.

4. The Scottish accent

One of the main reasons to opt for Scotland for an English course it’s his accent. It is said that it is very difficult to understand it, but this is only true if you travel to deep and rural Scotland.

In the big Scottish cities the accent is very similar to the north of England, so you won’t have any trouble understanding yourself. In addition, this will improve your listening comprehension.

5. It’s cheap

You should know that comparing the cost of living in Scotland, It is cheaper than London.  Shared accommodation in the centre of Edinburgh is about 400 pounds a month.

Its quality of life is high and you won’t have to use transport, being able to walk anywhere. In addition, you can benefit from the working tax benefit grant if your salary isn’t very high or if you don’t work long hours.

6. Their people

The Scottish character will make you fall even more in love with this country. Even though  it is though to be distant, it’s quite the opposite! They are very talkable, friendly and willing to help you.

In addition, they strive to make themselves understood, which makes the stay much easier.

7. Their landscapes are amazing

Enjoy dreamy landscapes it’s not available to anyone. Studying English in Scotland will make you enjoy wonder places such as Loch Ness, Loch Katrine, Orkney Islands, Loch Lomond or Ben Nevis, among others. You’ll think you’re in a story!

8. Fun and culture are secured!

If you love the nightlife, this is definetly your place! You can enjoy pubs that close much later than in England and here are the best nightclubs of United Kingdom and some of the best European festivals,such as the Hogmanay and the Fringe Festival.

In addition, you can enjoy the day of its pattern, St. Andrew’s Day, one of the most famous celebrations where the streets are filled with music, dancing and flags.

As for its culture, you can enjoy free museums, exhibitions, concerts and different local events. Thanks to them you’ll be able to nurture authentic Scottish culture while mastering English.

9. Scenarios of your favorite series and movies

You can visit the many scenarios of your favorite movies, such as Harry Potter saga, Skyfall, Immortals or Braveheart, among others, and your favorite series like Game of Thrones, The Crown or Outlander.

10. Inspiration

Scotland has great authors such as Walter Scott, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Burns… all of them inspired by these wonderful lands of great beauty. It’s time for your inspiration!

We hope we have convinced you to take your English course in Scotland. Don’t doubt to hire your course through Ynsitu, your market place with courses in more than 30 countries and 11 different languages. Start your adventure with us!

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