The best cities to study Italian in Italy

The range of possibilities is immense when it comes to choosing which city in Italy is the right one to go to in order to study Italian. When you start thinking about your possible trip to Italy to start studying Italian or to improve the one you already know and continue, a lot of doubts come to your mind, and the big question is: Where do I go? The truth is that Italy is tremendous, because of its size, because of its ambiguity, and for other reasons that make it very special.

It is a somewhat peculiar country, and each region is totally different, something like a country with different worlds to discover within itself, which have nothing to do with each other. We intend with this post to enlighten you in the most accurate way when making a decision. It is very important that you look for a study centre, academy, teacher or family to help you and teach you. If you are going to Italy on your own, a good course or teacher can help you get to know places and people you never knew existed and introduce you to the culture of the country. and, more specifically, of the city you go to, because this is fundamental in the study of a language. So we leave you some different proposals, so you can make up your mind and take the step as soon as possible!

We present the following proposals:


When it comes to learning Italian, the accent is very easy to understand in Milan, possibly the most neutral of all Italian accents within Italy. The possibilities of academies and teachers are wide and you will be able to do practically everything you want to do in a place like this, from meeting people from all over the world, to learning and living the experiences of the big city. The negative side is that the prices in Milan are higher than anywhere else in Italy, but it’s all a matter of looking at it carefully and putting it on a balance.

Despite the fact that it is a cold and grey city, which is what you hear the most, Milan is a fascinating city, which offers many possibilities, very well communicated with all of Italy and abroad, and in which you will have an excellent time. Milan surprises if you give yourself the chance. Of course, you must keep in mind that it is the north and that in this type of cities are much more organized, in the sense that being an industrial city, in which it is cold in winter, it gets dark early, etc., this leads to have a very structured life to follow its rhythm, but it does not detract from the possibility of fun and have a good time. You can arrive from almost anywhere in the world directly to any of its airports.


It is a beautiful city, one of the main ones, where you will find many students in the same situation as you, as it is studied by many international students (a very good news in favour). This is due to the fact that there are very prestigious and powerful universities in the city and its outskirts and, therefore, the offer of studying in the city will always be a good option.

Bologna is colourful, cheerful and has many possibilities for its students to spend an incredible and unique stay. Many students rate it as the best city in Italy.

Prices are generally high, but only in certain areas, those that are closer to the center, university centers or more popular areas of the city.

There is also a wide cultural offer and a possibility to connect with any part of Italy, due to its privileged location.


  • Pisa

It belongs to Tuscany, is close to Florence and the vineyard lands of the region. It is ideal for those who don’t like big places, although usually many tourists pass through there every day. Most of them are concentrated around the famous tower.

The city is a beautiful and culturally influenced city of the Italian Renaissance, and has a lot to offer to students, who generally comment that they have felt comfortable, as Pisa is a very manageable, welcoming and inclusive place. It is generally a wonderful destination for students, but with a lot more tourism. The area is very beautiful, in which its streets in a natural way recall its splendorous times. You eat very well, you breathe an incredible fresh air. Prices, as in the smaller cities above, will vary from the area you decide to stay in. Of course, the whole province of Tuscany has a very particular accent. An aspiration that makes them recognizable and unique, but to start studying Italian it can be a bit more complex.

It is very well connected to the rest of Italy and the much visited Florence (in case you want to visit these places as a tourist).


Few words are needed to know about Rome and its culture, as it is known worldwide and surely you have some reference to it, even if you have not been there yet. Imagine all the possibilities it has to offer, just for its exciting history. Besides its size, Rome is a very big city that will help you live the life you want to live there, so don’t be overwhelmed because it attracts so many tourists. If you would like to have a really intense experience to the fullest, you know this is the right place for you. The opportunities in this city are endless.

The city is very well communicated, both from outside Italy and with other Italian cities. Sometimes, of course, the Romans are a bit chaotic, and if you need calm and organization, we recommend you to go north. The Roman accent is very particular. Sometimes even the Italians themselves have problems understanding them, something like in the south of Spain: they cut words, they don’t pronounce all the letters exactly…, they are fun, but we recognize that it can be a chaos in the long run.

You can find big and good schools, but also small ones. You can learn Italian the way you want and at the pace you want.

You will have the option of getting to know so many masterpieces, of all kinds, because of its varied cultural offer. In terms of prices, there is everything in Rome. Areas that are great to live in as a student and other very expensive areas where you will probably only be able to walk and look around.


  • Naples

I’m sure you’ve heard of their famous pizzas, especially the Margarita. It is a beautiful city, quite unknown and with prices that have nothing to do with the rest of the cities we have been seeing. It’s a great place to live, a coastal city life, close to the sea, and with access to the entire southern Italian coast, which is a real marvel. there is a variety of teachers and schools and interesting cultural discoveries.

But, yes, to understand them can be complicated. Many speak the Neapolitan language and that, we assure you, they understand nothing but themselves, but when they speak with foreigners in Italian, even if they have their particular accent (a little more difficult to understand than in the north), you will feel at home. They are affectionate and close, a most relaxing fact. In addition, has an airport and train station to get you where you want to go, so the distance to other regions should not be a problem.


What we can assure you is that if you choose any of these destinations you will have an incredible time and live unforgettable experiences. Furthermore, regardless of your preferences, these are all cities where you are sure to find your place, and you will be able to do the activities you want, move around in an environment similar to yours and meet people of your type, because Italy, in any corner is a range of possibilities, for the diversity of people and more open-mindedness they have.

We have found very interesting this information that we propose you about well-known cities of Italy and some a little less. We hope you will discover all of Italy and then tell us about your experience, leaving us more precise recommendations that will help others to decide among the many other wonderful cities that Italy has, some of them almost unknown, but that have a great value and that have so much to offer.


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