Interview with Vourneen McGeough, Senior Operations Manager of ELI Schools: “Study abroad affords the learner invaluable life experiences.”

ELI Schools Dublin 

Vourneen McGeough, Senior Operations Manager, ELI Schools Dublin

Why would a student choose your school?

At ELI Schools we take great pride in our students and our schools. Our aim is for our students to experience only the best of what life has to offer in Ireland. Our services and programmes are entirely student focused ensuring that each student who joins us has a clear plan of objectives for the length of time they will study with us to ensure they reach their own learning outcomes. Our aim is to create a sense of community within our schools so that all of our students feel welcome and at home.


In your opinion, what are the main benefits for a student to study abroad?

Having the opportunity to study abroad affords the learner invaluable life experiences, the ability to develop their soft skills and of course acquire another language leading to a better understanding of a culture on the whole. In todays fast-moving world, all of these elements are essential to broaden the mind, advance educationally and ultimately increase career progression opportunities.


How do you see the future of language tourism?

With recent developments in technology and increase in remote work opportunities, I see language tourism increasing particularly for young professionals and graduates. As Ireland continues to grow as a European hub for tech giants to set up their EU headquarters, I see language tourism increasing in the years ahead for those wishing to upskill while exploring another country or maybe even while working remotely.

Flexibility, adaptability and “Work – Life” balance are all buzzwords in employment at the moment with employers taking a more person-centered approach to their staff and improving working conditions. As industries grow and boundaries are stretched to allow for more flexibility in the workplace I see both employers and employees seeking out language learning opportunities as a means of either upskilling or incentivizing job opportunities.


What is a day like for a student at your school and how is networking among classmates?

Evening courses, High School Placement, University Pathways , short stay 6 – 8 weeks.



ELI Schools Dublin
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ELI Schools Dublin




What are the most significant things the school can offer?

We offer students the choice of two locations to study as we have schools in Dublin City Centre and Drogheda Co. Louth – a culturally rich and vibrant town steeped in history and just 40 minutes from Dublin airport. We hire friendly and enthusiastic people who love what they do and give them the tools and training to deliver the best experiences for our students. Our teachers are all university graduates with recognised teaching qualifications and significant teaching experience both in Ireland and abroad. Our support teams come from a variety of backgrounds and most have travelled so they know it is the simple things that make the difference. We pride ourselves on delivering first class service in every encounter.

Which are the types of courses taught at school?

At ELI we have designed our curriculum and teaching methodology to match the highest international standards, yet we personalise our approach so we can meet the needs of every individual learner.

We offer a range of programs that have the potential to truly transform the lives of our students. For young adults aged 16 to 18, our High School programme offers international students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in some of the best boarding and day schools in the country. ELI School’s General English and Exam courses for adult students allow learners to progress from Intermediate to Advanced, switching their focus to using their language skills to advance their career or for further academic study.

University Pathway Program helps international students to prepare for further study in Ireland with a strong emphasis on the English language and the soft skills required to access Higher Education, with a free university placement service.


What are the most attractions around the school and in the city in general?

ELI Dublin is located in Dublin, 2 just minutes from Google & Facebook. In 2019 we opened our second school in the historic town of Drogheda which is just 30 minutes from Dublin airport. ELI Dublin is located along the canal on the southside of the city. Our school is housed in a beautiful Georgian building where we have 16 classrooms and is just a 15 minute walk from Trinity College.

ELI Drogheda is in the bustling town of Drogheda Co. Louth located just 40 minutes north of Dublin airport. Here we also have 16 classes in a beautiful warehouse building on the waterfront and a 5 minute stroll to the town centre.