The best cities to learn a language

Have you made the decision to take a language course abroad and don’t know where to go? If you don’t want to see another post with typical destinations like London, New York, Dublin… You’ve come to the right place, because it’s so important to decide which language course best suits your needs as you choose a good destination.

Las mejores ciudades para aprender un idioma

Bristol, United Kingdom

To speak of the United Kingdom, for most, is to talk about London. However, this country has many more great destinations to offer to do an English course abroad, such as Bristol.

Bristol is a very interesting city, with many musical attractions, all kinds of festivals that pay tribute to music and beer, as well as an infinite number of theatres and pubs that sometimes merge into the best festivals of the British summer.


Las mejores ciudades para aprender un idioma

Auckland, New Zealand

This city is wonderful for many reasons, not only because it is located in the amazing New Zealand, but also because it also offers a whole series of tourist attractions that are mostly totally natural places and at the same time of great beauty.

If you are also looking for a destination to try gastronomic delights that you would never have tried before and discover an incredible natural world, this city is a perfect place.

As if that weren’t enough, Auckland has also hosted and located for the filming of epic films like The Hobbit, so no doubt few cities could be as original to learn a new language, like Auckland.


Las mejores ciudades para aprender un idioma

San Francisco, United States

When thinking of U.S. cities, many people can think of many destinations, but if a destination to do a language course abroad that is quiet, attractive, modern, welcoming, with a healthy lifestyle and an unmatched number of iconic places, San Francisco is definitely the best choice. Trams, the Golden Gate, the Bay, the NFL, NBA and MLB football, basketball and baseball teams respectively are just some of the world-famous attractions this city has, so it’s definitely one of the best destinations for traveling to study languages abroad.


Las mejores ciudades para aprender un idioma

Brisbane, Australia

It is a magnificent city, very modern and at the same time quite small and manageable. Unlike Sydney, Brisbane is a city where you can easily guide yourself, so in addition to the language course and the different activities you can do, you can also explore the city for yourself. There is a whole world of nightlife combined with interesting sports activities such as surfing and hiking.


Vancouver, Canada

When we talk about Canada many people automatically think about Toronto, but the truth is that today Vancouver has been gaining a lot of prominence for its economic growth. On the other hand, it is a very dynamic city where daily you can see people practicing many sports and various outdoor activities such as snowboarding and running.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover Vancouver and its charm.

Las mejores ciudades para aprender un idioma

Paris, France

Our French courses in Paris are a great opportunity to discover the city of love and improve your French. Much has been written about Paris, but nothing can come close to describing the beauty and charm of the French capital. You’ll have to know her for yourself, immerse yourself in her daily hustle and bustle and breathe her culture. Like other students of our French courses, in Paris you will be able to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Champs Elysees to fall in love with the city. Get lost in Montmartre, discover le Mur des Je T’aime and eat a crep.

A French course in Paris is the perfect way to expand your language skills while enjoying an amazing holiday. Why not explore this great city and its surroundings, while developing your language skills?

Las mejores ciudades para aprender un idioma

Munich, Germany

This city, the economic center of Germany, hides multiple charms. Its typical architecture of the Bavarian region, multiple shops, nightclubs and its famous breweries make this place an ideal place to take your German course abroad. This city has better levels of quality of life, do you want to check it with your own eyes?

Not to mention its most famous party, exported worldwide, The Oktoberfest! Made in the months of September and October where the whole city is a party, for something in this region is produced 25% of the beer from all over Germany.

If you want a different destination to learn German, Munich is your place.


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