It’s never too late to learn a language

You are over 30 years old and you are looking to improve or learn a new language, but doubts and prejudice begin: How am I going to go to this point to study abroad? Won’t I be too old? Are you sure that’s a good idea? And we are used to hearing that it is about children or that from a certain age you are no longer able to learn another language. Is there really a perfect age to meet this challenge? The answer is no.

We’re going to be on the basis that the older you get, the greater the experience you have. Therefore, having knowledge in certain areas or in other languages will be a great help when learning from scratch or improving in a given language. This is because our brain often makes certain associations between the new knowledge acquired and those already in it. According to the experts, anyone who knows their own language correctly will be able to learn others without any problem.

While it is true that young people can count on greater ease in learning a particular language with correct pronunciation and greater dexterity; the older you get, the more feasible it is to understand some concepts. This is because metacognitive skills, i.e. those that control mental activity and self-regulation of faculties, are greater and have better learning techniques. In addition, the degree of concentration and motivation is higher and clearer and more defined objectives are achieved. Therefore, adults may make the most of and learn from young people who see it more as an obligation.

Therefore, the problem of learning another language is not in age and learning a language early does not mean that it is the only way to master it. It is each person’s own fears that hold back the opportunity to learn a language at any time of time. While one such brake is to think you’re not capable, another is having to share class with young people and not feeling comfortable.

From Ynsitu we bring the solution to this problem, and we have a wide range of language courses for seniors focused on adults over 30, 40 and 50 years old. Here you can find different programs for different age ranges, including general language, business, intensive, non-intensive or activity courses.

These courses seek total immersion abroad, to achieve learning quickly and effectively, being very positive for adults located in those age ranges. In addition, fully immersing yourself in culture can increase self-confidence in defending yourself.

Feeling out of place is no longer going to be an impediment from now on, as we ensure that classmates are of a similar age.

Don’t think about it anymore, there are no excuses not to take on this challenge and hire one of our courses!

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