Studying Swedish in Sweden: the best destinations

Study Swedish in Sweden

Thinking about learning Swedish in Sweden? From Ynsitu we have gathered several reasons why you should do it. Among them because it will give you linguistic benefits, because it is an attractive culture and many more. Read on!

  1. It is an easy language to learn, especially if you know English. Swedish is a North Germanic language and English is a West Germanic language, which means that the two are closely related.
  2. Swedish is key to all Scandinavian languages. There is a high level of mutual intelligibility between Swedish, Danish and Norwegian, which means that speakers of one can understand speakers of the other without too much difficulty.
  3. Sweden is a great place to live. Free education and health care. Attractive salaries. Beautiful lakes and forests. High quality of life. And it is one of the most democratic and progressive societies in the world.
  4. Learn more about their culture. You can learn about their holidays, celebrations and mentality. And best of all, you can use Swedish to talk to real Swedes about these issues.

So, what are the best destinations to study Swedish in Sweden? At Ynsitu we have several options for you to choose the course that best suits you.

The best destinations for your Swedish course in Sweden


If you want to learn Swedish in Stockholm, you should know that it is the capital of Sweden and the center of industry, fashion, politics and research. Its natural environment offers an archipelago of 30,000 islands to explore, stretching from the city to the Baltic Sea. Stockholm’s city center dates back to the 13th century and historical monuments are scattered throughout the city, dating back to the Viking era.


Gothenburg welcomes a large number of international students each year. Ranked as one of the world’s most creative cities by Forbes, the city is particularly attractive to students interested in the fields of technology and engineering. Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and the fifth largest in the Nordic countries. Therefore, studying a Swedish course in Gothenburg will not disappoint you.


Lund is one of Sweden’s oldest and most important cities. It is very famous for its university, which is perhaps the most important in the country and one of the 100 best in the world.It is a city full of students from all over the world, a wonderful news if you want to go to study your Swedish course in this city. In addition, it is home to many world-leading research environments and is the location of two of Europe’s largest research facilities.


Umea is the largest city in northern Sweden and one of the fastest growing cities in the country. It is a vibrant city that encourages free thinking and open-mindedness. In addition, did you know that according to a study by the Barcelona Institute of Global Health, it is the city that boasts the cleanest air in Europe? An example of sustainable development.


This city has quite a strategic location, as it is close to Stockholm. In addition, it is also well known for its university, which was the first to be built in Sweden. It is a city full of life, with plenty to experience surrounded by a safe, healthy and clean local environment, a perfect place to learn Swedish.

What do you think now about taking a Swedish course in Sweden? Don’t think twice, it’s a great opportunity. From Ynsitu, we help you to choose the best course that suits you.