Top 5 cities to study English in Malta, a paradisiacal destination

Study English in St. Louis St. Julian's, Malta

If you want to study English and at the same time enjoy the sun and the beach, Malta is your ideal destination! Studying English in Malta will allow you to enjoy great leisure plans on its beautiful beaches and city life, while practicing the language and immersing yourself in the culture of the country.

In Malta they have their own language: Maltese, which many say is an aphrodisiac language, as it comes from many other languages such as Latin, Italian, Arabic, French and of course, English. However, Malta belonged to the British Empire for many years and therefore, English and Maltese coexisted for generations and today, English is the unifying language of the country and the most widely spoken language on the islands.

The paradisiacal islands of Malta receive millions of tourists every year, so studying an English course in Malta will make your experience much more enriching and you will make friends from all over the world… practicing the language will not be a problem!

At Ynsitu, we have more than 600 English courses in Malta, but which are the best cities to study English in Malta? We’ll tell you about it!



Silema was formerly the retreat of the Maltese aristocracy, although nowadays the costs have become much cheaper and it is one of the favorite destinations of the island’s inhabitants and tourists. While studying your English course, be sure to visit its famous harbor, the Independence Garden or the Redin Tower, you can’t miss these wonders!


If nightlife and partying are your thing, St. Julian’s is your ideal destination to study English! Undoubtedly, the Paceville neighborhood is known for being the main party area in Malta, in addition to restaurants, stores,…


Also known as San Pawl il-Bahar, it is one of the largest cities in the area. Formerly, it was a small fishing village but today it has become one of the most touristic places in Malta, where you can enjoy beautiful walks around the bay.


This city is very close to Silema and is a comfortable and quiet place to live. While you study your English course in Malta, you can enjoy tours and getaways in St. Gwann, outdoor activities, restaurants, nightlife…


Swieqi is a small town in Malta where you can get lost and enjoy unique experiences while studying your English course. It has a modern and charming atmosphere, as well as good restaurants where you can enjoy the food of the island.


In addition to these 5 cities, in Ynsitu you can find courses to study English in other cities of Malta such as Kerċem, Pembroke or Valletta. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn English in a sunny and festive atmosphere, enjoying the beaches of Malta. In our language courses search engine you can find general English courses, exam preparation, specialized English, English courses for juniors, English courses for teachers… it’s time to improve your English in a destination like Malta!