Study French in France or Canada?

Estudiar francés en Francia o en Canadá

Are you thinking of taking a French course abroad and you can’t decide in which country do you want to do it?

There are many factors such as climate, accent, distance, lifestyle, budget, job opportunities, etc., that will make you decide on France or Canada, always depending on your tastes and interests.

Both France and Canada are the most chosen options when it comes to learning French. That’s why, from Ynsitu, we compare you to both destinations:


First of all, depending on your place of origin, you will or will not need a visa to study here.

If you are looking to be able to travel during your stay, France will allow you to travel around Europe due to its location, distance and available means of transport. In addition, as France take part to the European Union, you can travel into these countries without any problem with the same documentation that you have. Also, you can enjoy its quiet, safe and comfortable quality of life and a cultural heritage of the most prestigious.

France has a very wide offer and multitude of French schools in different places with a lot of prestige. In addition, there is no difference between French and foreign students.

In terms of job opportunities, France is the fourth largest global economy and it has large industrial groups of international dimension.

France is a touristic country, so communicating at first will be easy even if you do not have a great mastery of French because many people speak different languages.

With regard to the climate, it varies greatly from one city to another, north cities are much colder than those ones in the south, which are characterized by its precipitation. Among the warmest ones you can find Nice and among the coldest ones you can find Paris and Rouen. Despite this, the temperature in summer is quite pleasant.


Like France,  first of all, you have to discover what documentation is necessary to study in this country, depending on your place of origin and your stay.

Canada is a very big country which you fell in love with. Cities there are fantastic and you can do any type of activity. It is ideal for those who are looking to leave for a long season. It has numerous natural landscapes and some of the places are considered  the most beautiful places in the world, such as Niagara Falls.

English and French are spoken in Canada, so depending on your place of origin, you will achieve a complete dive to a greater or lesser extent. However, if your native language is different from English, you’ll be able to reinforce both languages.

Regarding schools, Canada does not have as wide offer as France, but it has a great offer of leisure and culture. In addition, it is one of the countries with the best universities in the world.

In terns of weather, it’s quite varied. Each season of the year is experienced in a marked way. Winters are very cold, so if you like snow, this is your perfect place! On the other hand, summers are very hot and you can practise different outdoor activities. The northern regions are quite cold, while the Vancouver area has a milder climate, but also rainier.

Once you’ve described each country and documentation you’ll need, it’s easier to find out which one best suits your preferences, so it’s time to make the decision: French course in France or French course in Canada?

We hope Ynsitu helped you!

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