Host family accommodation or residence?

Alojamiento en familia anfitriona o residencia

Once you have chosen the course you want to take and destination, you have nothing left to organize everything important about the trip! Now you just have to decide something that always generates a lot of doubts… what is the type of accommodation in which I want to live the adventure? Choosing it right is one of the most important issues.

There are several options that from Ynsitu we propose just one click away: Family, residence, apartment or hostel. See here what each option is all about.

In this post, we want to make known the advantages and limitations which have the two most chosen options: family accommodation and accommodation in residence.

Host family accommodation

Starting with the host family, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Learning will be total: You will be able to experience a complete immersion, where apart from mastering the language and practicing it 24 hours a day, you will know its customs in the most welcoming way.
  • Security: You’ll be able to count on the support of your host family, with whom you’ll feel like one more member and always be available to help.
  • Comfort: You will enjoy the advantages of living in a private house, having a transport and its support.
  • Proximity: They are experienced families and are selected for you after a selection process, so they will know how to treat you and help you in coexistence. If you’re not feeling well with the assigned family, don’t worry. We will be available for you and we’ll look for another alternative.
  • Savings: It is the most economical option in terms of maintenance. This way you can enjoy your meals and trips, among other things, without thinking about how much you can spend.
  • Food: You will immerse yourself fully in the gastronomy of your destination through its dishes.
  • Link: You’ll create a bond with your host family that you can take forever.
  • Ability to choose: You can choose meals, take you to visit new places, integrate into their day to day, carry your own schedules, be able to choose family with or without pets, children of the same age, etc.

Once the advantages are known, you should also know their limitations:

  • Responsibilities and obligations: You must know how to adapt to its rules and customs, in order to have a good climate of coexistence.
  • New people: You’ll build a relationship with your family, but you’ll meet fewer people than if you were in a residence with more students.
  • Affinity: You may find some discrepancy with a family member.
  • Independence: Less independence than in a residence.
  • Permission: Before you do what activities, you’ll need to have your family approved because it’s in charge of you.

Accommodation in residence

Once host family has been analyzed, it is time to analyze the advantages of living in a residence:

  • You will enjoy an international atmosphere: You will live and share moments with students of different countries. You will be able to know other languages as there are international students and take their unconditional friendship.
  • Independence: Unlike the host family, you will be responsible for yourself and you will be able to carry out different activities with total independence.
  • Entertainment: You will have different facilities where you can meet with your other colleagues and a multitude of activities prepared for you.
  • Comfort: Most residences are located near schools, and are usually well equipped with everything you need for a pleasant and easy stay.
  • Space: You can count on your own room and choose when you want to socialize or not.

Regarding limitations:

  • You’ll speak more your own language: Students usually hang out with those who speak our own language, which restricts you more when it comes to practicing and mastering a language.
  • Maintenance: Depending on the rate chosen, you will have to pay for your meals and travel on your own.
  • Increased responsibility: Some people may see it as a disadvantage, feeling more weight when they making decisions.
  • Limitations: You will have certain schedules that you will have to meet.

It is important to make it clear that none of the options are better than another. It all depends on your preferences and the experience you seek to live. Both are very enriching and you will definitely be delighted with any of them.

If you have any further questions, do not forget to make your own query.

We hope we helped you and… Start your great adventure!

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