13 benefits of studying abroad

13 razones por las que estudiar en el extranjero

If you have the possibility to study abroad, don’t hesitate to do so even if you think you do not have enough language level. It’s one of the best experiences you can have and at the same time, you enrich yourself as a person and benefit your future.

In case you haven’t decided yet to take the step to start your course abroad, in this blog we present 13 benefits of studying abroad and that can help you to decide it:


1) Learn and master a language: Studying abroad will make you able to speak a certain language fluently. Not only you’ll learn it in class, but you’ll practice and develop it every time you communicate with others. In this way, your language skills will be exceptionally increased.


2) Gain independence: Leaving your comfort zone, not living with your family, will make you more independent. You’ll need it to be able to manage and organize yourself and you’ll learn to defend yourself.


3) More maturity: This experience will involve somehow changing in your lifestyle. You’ll gain maturity by starting to do things for yourself and valuing your day-to-day life and you’ll appreciate more the cost of things.


4) Personal growth: You’ll develop new skills and improve others quickly. Your self-esteem will also be increased, as you’ll be more confident in handling the language and getting to know and interact with new people without any problems.


5) Boost your career: You’ll be eligible for a better job future and have more experience. Today, competitiveness is very high, so it can serve as a differentiating factor from the rest and this will be able to open doors for you to achieve your professional goals.


6) Improve CV: Studying abroad will certainly make your resume stand out from the crowd. Mastering more than one language, acquiring certain skills, or showing that you’re a flexible person will increase interest in hiring you.



7) New international friendships: This experience gives you the unique opportunity to meet people from different countries and cultures, which will help you to be able to relate and enrich yourself as a person. They’ll be people whose friendship you can always take with you.


8) Increase network of contacts: As with friendships, it gives you the opportunity to engage with many people and open your sights. You will be able to meet interesting people for your personal and professional future.


9) New culture and gastronomy: Being anywhere let you discover new cultures and cuisines that will allow you to enjoy unique moments and above all, to learn and cultivate yourself. Furthermore, when you got home, you’ll be the star of the kitchen by teaching yours the endless number of recipes learned.


10) Benefit from other education systems: You will be able to learn and study in a different and even a fun way. You’ll discover new methodologies and ways to gain experience and knowledge.


11) Flexibility: There’re many different ways to study abroad. Therefore, you’ll be able to find specific learning courses that you’re looking for that may not exist in your country.


12) Way to continue training and travel at the same time: You will have the opportunity to learn while traveling and discovering different places. In addition, in your free time you can do sightseeing and get to know amazing places.


13) Possibility to get a job abroad: You can find work outside more easily by having the experience of having lived abroad and possessing an adequate level of language.


Without a doubt, there’re many advantages that it offers to study abroad, look no further than to decide, so don’t think about it anymore and start a new adventure! Search and compare different courses and make your dreams come true through Ynsitu.

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