France’s most popular festivals Discover its traditions!

Las fiestas más populares de Francia. ¡Descubre sus tradiciones!


When learning a new language, grammar, phonetics or lexicon are essential, however, to truly understand what the other person wants to convey to us, we must know the culture and traditions of their country of origin. Therefore, traveling is so important, exchanging experiences and customs is the best way to truly get to know others.

This is why today we want to show you the most popular festivals in France, which will allow you to have fun and at the same time approach French culture and communication learning french abroad.

If you want to travel to France or are living there, you need to know the most important dates of the Frenchcalendar, as well as the history behind each of them. Logically, there are festivities that coincide with much of the world, such as Christmas, New Year or Carnivals, but the way it is celebrated differs greatly between different countries.


What are the best known popular festivals in France?



On July 14th the national festival commemorating the taking of the Bastille of 1789 is celebrated in France, a very important day for the French people that marked the end of the absolute monarchy and the beginning of the Contemporary Age. Throughout this day many French cities celebrate the party with a lot of acts, such as pyrotechnic shows, folk dances or military troop parades. The most important event of all is the parade that takes place in Paris, specifically on avenida de los Champs-Elyses, which is led by the head of state.



The fairs held in the city of Nimes are world-renowned. Twice a year (June and September), this city is paralyzed and becomes a perfect place to enjoy good music, wine and dances. Nimes transforms into a city with a purely Spanish style, with bullfights and street locks, steps and flamenco dances and a lot of concerts and acts that fill the streets of the city with joy and good atmosphere. There are also many beach bars invade the historic center with drinks and traditional meals Highly recommended!



We could not speak of popular festivals in France without quoting the Carnival of Nice, considered one of the most important carnivals in the world. The famous Paseo de los Ingleses is filled with more than 140,000 hand-painted bulbs that illuminate the parades of floats and music with different colors, in which around 1000 people from different parts of the world work. The capital of the Costa Azul becomes a unique place, that is why almost a million visitors decide to celebrate the carnivals in this city. So if you decide to go to Nice on these dates Don’t forget your costume!



Currently there are many countries that enjoy music, but what many people do not know is that this holiday was born in France. In 1982, Culture Minister Jack Lang decided to celebrate the start of the summer season (June 21) with a big party full of rhythm and good atmosphere. Amateur musicians from all over France and from different parts of the world, take to the streets to demonstrate their talent and make themselves known. Free concerts by well-known artists are also organized, so attendees have the opportunity to listen to their favorite artists. The variety of artists and concerts is so wide that it is almost impossible not to find what you want.



For centuries, France has always stood out for its revolutionary spirit. This is why we are not impressed to know that today the day of the worker is still celebrated, a very important day for the French in which, as in Spain, the 1st of May is celebrated. Tradition says that on this day we must offer the people closest to your surroundings a bouquet of white flowers as a symbol of good luck and closeness. On day one and the days before this, you can find small flower stalls and local shops where you can buy the bouquets.



And finally, there could be no miss of Valentine’s Day, a holiday celebrated all over the world but with a great attachment to this country. The mythical cliché of French romanticism makes Valentine’s Day one of the popular festivals in France that could not be missed on our list, and is that the French commemorate the day of love with flowers and chocolates, dinners and romantic walks on the River Seine.


Now that you know many of the festivities that you can enjoy if you travel to France Do you dare to discover our French courses abroad? With Ynsitu you will have the possibility to know the culture of hundreds of countries and improve your language at the same time. Cheer up and enjoy an unforgettable experience!


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