Questions (and answers) about language courses abroad

Preguntas (y respuestas) acerca de los cursos de idiomas en el extranjero


Bluntly. What are some of the main doubts that happen to us when going to hire a language course abroad? We answer them here.


When do courses start?

The start dates of the intensive and standard language courses are generally flexible. If you have any basic language knowledge, you can start any Monday of the year at almost any school. If you are a total beginner, courses usually start once or twice a month.

You have to be aware that Language schools have more students in July and August than at any other time of year, which means course prices, housing prices, and overall cost of living are more expensive in this period. If you want to book a course in July or August, you must do so very early: schools have limited places. Your chances of getting the type of accommodation you like the most are also much greater if you book your course in advance. Accommodation options near the school are especially difficult during the summer and tend to fill up quickly, so we recommend making your reservation as soon as possible.

Language courses during the off-season (September to June) are not only cheaper, but also have smaller classes. If you can take your course during this time, you will be able to pay less for your courses and you will even receive a better home, since the demand is much lower. Please review this information in the language course details on the school page.


What is the minimum duration of the courses?

The minimum duration of a standard or intensive language course is usuallyone week, but students benefit most after the third or fourth week of their course, having had the opportunity to get used to their environment. In this period, students have already settled in and are comfortable with their surroundings. This happens when they are able to really focus on language learning.


How far in advance should I enroll in the course?

If you are thinking of doing a course in high season (June-August), it is best to book at least one month in advance. However, even if we receive a registration request in a very short time we will always try our best to allow you to complete your course and often achieve it. If you need to apply for a student visa, it is best to book 3/6 months in advance.


How old do I need to be to participate in a language course?

In Ynsitu you can find language courses for all available ages, from children to adults. Most language courses have a minimum required age that is specified in the course information details on the language school page.


What levels are offered?

Most language courses are available for all levels: Beginner, Elementary – Level A1, Pre-Intermediate – Level A2, Intermediate – Level B1, Intermediate Superior – Level B2, Advanced – Level C1 and Expert – Level C2. Thus, students without knowledge of the language or with very basic knowledge will be able to enroll in a course. Please check the detailed information for each course to make sure that the language course you want is available for your language level. Keep in mind that students will take a level test and be placed in a class with students of the same level.


How do I know if my previous Level?

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what your language level is. On your first day of school, you’ll take a level test to evaluate your skills and you’ll be assigned to the right class for your language level.


Teaching material

All schools offer teaching materials for their students. Learning materials may vary by choice, of course. Some schools include course material expenses in school tuition (see “included in the price”), others charge separately and may be optional or mandatory materials. In any case, the cost of the books and materials will be indicated in the course description and can be paid on the first day of class.


How many students are there per class?

The maximum number of students per class and the average number of students per class are specified in the information for each course within the language school page.


Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes. Most schools offer a certificate to students after they have completed the course. To make sure you receive a certificate at the end of the course, please review the language course information on the language school page.


Organized leisure activities

There are many language course options with organized activities, such as visits to museums or other cities so you can meet other students and have a good time. Please check each school’s information for more information.


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