Best 10 Movies to Learn Spanish

Have you ever wanted to learn Spanish? And if you did, do you know that one of the most effective ways of learning the language is to watch Spanish movies? Thanks to modern streaming platforms like Netflix, you can find lots of Spanish movies to listen to tons of new words, phrases, and sentences to add to your Spanish vocabulary. In this post, you’ll find out about 10 of the best movies to learn Spanish, which have been divided into three levels, depending on your level of expertise in the language.

Spanish beginner

  1. El Laberinto del fauno

Set in war-torn Spain in 1944, El Laberinto del fauno or “Pan’s Labyrinth” is about the young Ofelia, who is told about her true identity by the faun Pan as she is exploring a maze from ancient times. The movie is as much a war story as it is a fairy tale, which makes it one of the most unique movies to get started on your Spanish-learning adventures, as it covers a great deal of vocab about fantasy, rebellion, and war. Some sections of the movie maybe a bit difficult to follow, so remember to turn on those subtitles.

  1. El orfanato

If you like horror movies that have a fair degree of drama and mystery as well, be sure to watch El orfanato or “The Orphanage”. Laura spent her childhood years in an orphanage and she has fond memories of that time. Along with her husband, she buys it to transform it into a facility/home for sick and ailing children. Not long after, her adopted son Simon, who is critically ill, disappears. The appearance of Benigna, a social worker, starts to reveal the orphanage’s horrific past.

  1. A tres metros sobre el cielo

After your war and horror experiences, why not tread the path of romance by watching A tres metros Sobre el Cielo or “Three meters above the sky”? The movie, which went on to become one of 2010’s highest-grossing Spanish movies, is in many ways like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet. It’s the perfect movie to learn numerous commonly used romantic phrases.

Spanish intermediate

  1. Volver

Volver or “Return” is a Spanish cult classic, directed by the legendary Pedro Almovodar. Starring Penelope Cruz, the movie’s story is many-layered and spans three generations. The movie is known for loads of cultural references and you’ll get to learn a lot of colloquial Spanish words and phrases, which you can then use for conversing.

  1. Perfectos desconocidos

Perfectos desconocidos or “Perfect Strangers” is a comedy movie from 2017 that was a massive critical and commercial success. Directed by Alex de la Iglesia, the movie revolves around seven friends who have come together for a dinner party. To make the party exciting, the seven of them play a game that involves each one of them reading aloud incoming messages or put incoming phone calls on speaker so that everyone can hear. Just like Volver, it’s a perfect movie to brush up on your colloquial Spanish skills.

  1. Perdiendo el Norte

Here’s another comedy film to complete the list of intermediate movies for Spanish learners. Perdiendo el Norte or “Off Course” revolves around two young Spanish men, who move to Germany to make something out of their lives. Some of the themes that the movie touches on include youth unemployment, estrangement, economic emigration, language barriers, infertility, and Alzheimer’s. So you can expect to hear tons of interesting Spanish phrases and words about different subjects.

Spanish advanced

  1. Mar Adentro

Mar Adentro or “The Sea Inside” is a drama that was awarded the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The movie revolves around the true story of Ramon Sampedro, a man who was paralyzed after an accident. Sampedro led a 28-year campaign to end his life legally and it is well-documented in the movie, which features a lot of heavy Spanish vocabulary. It’s recommended for advanced Spanish learners who want to challenge and take themselves beyond intermediate Spanish use.

  1. Ocho apellidos vascos

Released in 2014, Ocho Apellidos vascos or “Spanish Affair” is a romantic comedy movie that touches on various Spanish familial and marital traditions. Some of the themes of the movie include xenophobia, prejudices, and stereotypes. It’s one of the best movies you can watch to learn about how Spanish is spoken in Spain’s Basque region.

  1. Padre no hay mas que uno

A comedy film through and through, Padre no hay mas que uno or “Father There is Only One”, directed by Santiago Segura, revolves around a man called Javier. Javier is a husband and a father to five children who barely gives attention to his family. However, when his wife goes on a trip, he has no choice but to spend time with his kids. Numerous chaotic situations follow, but in the end, both the father and his children get to know more about each other. It’s a must-watch Spanish movie for learning numerous phrases that are typically used in family settings.

  1. Ahora o Nunca

Maria Ripoli’s Ahora o Nunca or “It’s Now or Never” is yet another romantic comedy that deals with the lives of Alex and Eva. The two, who have been happily dating for years, decide to tie the knot in a countryside village in England. However, chaos unfolds when air traffic controllers of the region go on a strike, which prevents Alex and his wedding guests from arriving at the destination. It’s one of the best Spanish movies you can watch to learn several phrases that touch on marriage formalities and romantic relationships in general.

Watching Spanish movies closely can teach you a lot not just about various Spanish words and phrases, but also how they are spoken depending on the circumstances. By practicing the words, phrases, and sentences that you’ll learn by watching these movies, you can significantly improve your listening and spoken Spanish skills. To take your Spanish learning further, it’s recommended to take a Spanish course abroad with Ynsitu; the perfect platform to practice all the Spanish you’ve learned so far and learn more.

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