Canada, the perfect destination to learn English if you’re from Latin America

Canadá destino perfecto aprender inglés Latinoamérica


Are you thinking of going to learn English in Canada? Well, this is a great idea if you’re Latin American. The Canadian government, for several years now, has opened the doors of its territory so that people of all nationalities arrive and benefit from its excellent and prestigious education system, as well as the high quality of life that you can find in this American country.

Canada is a destination with enormous cultural diversity, this has been fostered by its immigration policies, which have allowed the settlement of various ethnic groups from all continents.

Authorities estimate that there are more than 6 million immigrants in Canada from all over the world. The ethnic and cultural groups with the largest presence in this country come from China, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, India, the United States and Italy.

To a lesser extent, there are significant settlements of people arriving from Germany, Hong Kong, Poland, Portugal and Vietnam. As far as Latin American countries are concerned, none of them are among the most contributing immigrant staff to Canada.

However, it is estimated that, as a region, Latin America contributes approximately 400,000 people who thicken the immigrant population in this country. This represents more than 1% of the nation’s total population.

Latino immigrants who arrive most often in Canada come from Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela and Nicaragua..


Where Latin Americans Live in Canada

Latinos in Canada live mostly in the territory of Ontario, 47%, Quebec has 27%, 13% in British Columbia and Alberta 9%. Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are the major urban centers that Latin Americans prefer to settle in Canada, with 65% of Latin population growth in Canada concentrated in these cities. Other cities that host Latinos, in smaller numbers, are Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary.

In terms of age, children under the age of 15 make up 29% of Latinos who live there. 18% are between the age of 15 and 24, while 34% are between the age of 25 and 44. As you can see, Canada has a fairly young Population of Latin Americans. If you are a student in this age range, there you can find people of the same age who will help you integrate into the country.


Why Canada is the ideal place to study English

Learn English in Canada for Latin Americans is a trend that has been on the rise for a few years. You should keep in mind that this country has two official languages that are English and French. Latinos there who perfectly dominate either of these two languages are 94%. Likewise, 87% speak Spanish frequently and, of these, 44% use Spanish as a daily language at home.

In Canada you can find a wide range of language institutions with high standards of quality and learning. There you will experience that your level of English will grow exponentially in a few weeks, due to the demand and quality of teaching methods and teachers.

The Latin American population you’re going to find in Canada has a mostly high level of education. Apart from people who will learn English or hone their mastery of this language, many arrive to do specializations, master’s degrees and doctorates.


Advantages of learning English in Canada for Latin America

Learning English in Canada for Latin America offers the advantage of studying this language in a multicultural place and where you can live immersed in this language, while also being done while living with other languages, such as French and Spanish among other languages.

This country is highly recognized internationally for the high level of education of its institutes and for its superior quality of life anywhere in South America, even better than many European countries. Canada has government initiatives that seek to attract the attention of foreigners to emigrate to its territory and make their lives there.

For some years now, this nation has facilitated the entry of many Latinos such as Colombians, Mexicans, Argentines, Chileans, Peruvians, Venezuelans and other nationalities; who have vocational training in different areas such as medicine, engineering, education, languages, administration,etc.

Imagine that in this country you will be able to fulfill your dreams of performing professionally and have access to a quality of life that would be very difficult to obtain in your home country in Latin America. When you’re there, you can work out in the English language that’s handled in the work environments of your area of expertise or profession. Soon you will have the opportunity to access a work permit, if you manage to get a job according to your profession..


Cost of living for a student in Canada

Based on the city of Toronto, the cost of an apartment for rent ranges from US$450 to US$500. However, there are many plans for students who come to take language courses and accommodation in this same city can cost you among the 200 and 350 U.S. dollars..

The English courses you can take have prices ranging from $200 to $400 per week. But if you book or hire a plan in advance you can save up to 20% on both the value of the accommodation and the price of thecourse.

English courses in Canada if you’re Hispanic are one of the best experiences you can have in your life. Not only is it a project through which you will gain mastery of a global language, but you will also have the opportunity to forge personal relationships with people from all over the world, which can represent access to better professional options both in Canada and in other countries.

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