10 Reasons to Learn Russian with a Language Course Abroad

10 motivos para aprender ruso con un curso de idiomas en el extranjero

Taking a language course abroad is an unforgettable experience that marks lifelong learning. When you take a course, you not only know and practice the language, but you also discover a new world and even other ways of thinking. This time, we give you 10 reasons why you should learn Russian.

1. Russia, a new world?

When it comes to studying and practicing Russian, the first thing you think about is Russia. This country will give you incredible opportunities to learn from a heritage and traditions very different from those of Western Europe, so say yes to other ways of seeing the world!

2. Learn Russian

Another point in your favor is that you can discover the intellectual and artistic production written, from the works of the playwright Pushkin to those of classical novelists such as Dostoyevsky, Leon Tolstoy, Vladimir Nabokov or the storyteller Anton Chekhov, great milestones of universal literature. Do you get inspired too?

If you walk through the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, you can discover the Hermitage Museum, consisting of 5 buildings, 45 rooms, Egyptian works and 588 works of art by renowned local and international artists such as Matisse, el Greco or Leonardo da Vinci. Enjoy cultural and artistic tourism while talking to the natives.

In the surrounding area there are 7 cultural facilities among the palaces, theaters, museums, churches and statues. You’re not going to get bored because you’ll be able to enjoy multiple experiences.

The culinary route in this city is a luxury for the palate,with options such as red and black caviar, Iberian ham, traditional dishes such as shchi cabbage soup and pancakes, which you can order stuffed with meat, fish, vegetables or some sweet. They generate an experience of words and flavors.

3. Natural landscapes

With a language course abroad you can learn about the natural wonders that emerge in the vast diversity of the territory where the language is spoken. Travel through Russia from the historical and archaeological complex of Bolgar to the Caucasus Mountains, with its semi-desert plateaus, subtropical forests and glaciers in one place.

There you can also get to know Lake Bailkal, also called the “blue eyes of Siberia”, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1996; as well as the fascinating Pacific Fire Belt, which is Kamchatka’s set of volcanoes.

4. Meet exotic architectures

I’m sure you’ve seen images of a palace-like building with cylindrical shapes, arches and, above all, many colors. In fact, it is the church of St. Basil in Moscow’s Red Square. It was built at the request of Ivan the Terrible in 1561 and has 9 independent chapels.

Beauty also invades underground subway stations. An authentic jewel of architecture that looks like a palace and that will make you enjoy the trip. You can also appreciate the impressive homes of the tsars in the Kremlin, the buildings of the past Soviet Empire or buildings that you will only see if you speak Russian.

5. Opens the door to 4 more languages

Russian is part of Slavic languages and has certain similarities in its structure with other Slavic languages due to its Cyrillic alphabet. This makes it easier for you to learn Bulgarian, Polish, Ukrainian and Czech afterwards. Tell him yes to becoming a polyglot; the key is to choose a family of languages and practice every day. You will learn intonation, metaphors, sayings, and words with meanings you didn’t imagine.

Since you’ll be in the natural environment of the language, you’re going to acquire the ability to communicate efficiently very quickly. You’ll be able to improve your fluency and sound more native.

6. The language of the world’s largest country

In this country there is very little english spoken. For this reason, if you want to communicate, meet people and have the best travel experience, you will need to take a Russian course. This makes the difference between a tourist and a local person. People will want to help you and you can orient yourself wherever you go.

Currently, Russian is spoken in 16 countries because the former Soviet Union had this language as a common language. Can you imagine getting to know so many places with one language? He also has speakers in the United States and Italy.

7. Entrepreneurship?

Geographically, Russia is the largest country. Its economy has grown over the last few years and is now very attractive for investment and business entrepreneurship. If you master the language, it will be easier for you to enter this world and you will have investor opportunities, exchange of experiences or contacts. And if you don’t want to undertake, learning Russian will also open more work doors for you.

8. Not hard to learn

Is the Russian indecipherable? No! If you take into account that you will be immersed in the culture and you will hear it all the time, your linguistic adaptation will be superior. This way, it’ll be familiar. Also, if you choose to study, the teacher will be your ally to learn grammar and verbal times.

If your native language is Spanish, you will have an advantage because you master terms like the perfect and imperfect past, present and future.

9. Study? Yes!

There are many blogs about study scholarship opportunities abroad, however, very little is spoken about Russian university scholarships and institutions. Therefore, studying Russian is a great advantage for you, because you will be able to access calls for foreigners and start or continue your professional career at a more advanced level.

Have you thought about studying the language and then the career?

10. More friends, more experiences

Finally, talking about it will allow you to meet people and enjoy leisure experiences: water sports, opera, knowing the site of the Chernobyl nuclear accident, the imperial past, romantic Russian music and matrioshkas. Only in Russia will you find so many options! As a curious fact, did you know that the video game Tetris was invented there?

Learning Russian exceeds the expectations of a language course abroad. It gives you work and emotional benefits. Russia is a very safe country with low crime rates, so it is the ideal destination. Your best option to choose your Russian course abroad is through Ynsitu, our company dedicated to advising you with flexible rates according to your needs. We take care of you in a personalized way and take care of you throughout the stay. Don’t think about it anymore and live the world in Russian!

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