How to write a perfect cover letter


Interested in looking for work in an English-speaking country? If yes, you should make sure you have all the tools you need for this path. You’ve probably already prepared your resume and updated your LinkedIn page, but have you thought it’s the first thing they’ll see when reviewing your candidacy? Normally, your cover letter. That’s why in today’s post we’re going to teach you how to describe a perfect cover letter.


What is a cover letter?


A cover letter, as your name suggests, is a document that is sent along with the resume when you apply for a job. This should explain why you consider yourself the perfect candidate for the position. Please note that you cannot use the same cover letter for everything, but must adapt it to each position you present yourself.

In the letter you have to explain what position you are interested in, because you are the perfect candidate and share your contact information. It’s the perfect opportunity to talk in detail about yourself, your skills and your interests. It’s probably the first thing the person who has to evaluate you reads, so it’s critical to make a good impression if you want to stand out.


How to write the perfect cover letter


An introduction that leaves its mark

Once you’ve written the name of the person you’re addressing, don’t just fill in the space with a boring introduction. The first few sentences are the most important! They catch the reader’s attention, so it must be something original and then continue to talk about the reasons why you’re interested in the position.


All about you

Now that you’ve explained why you’re applying for the job, start talking about yourself. In this device you should talk about your skills and your previous experience, butwithout making a copy and paste of the resume. You have to highlight your most important achievements and those that have to do with the position you are presenting to. This way the company will be able to see how you can be useful to it.

Before you start writing, it is advisable to review the job offer. This allows you to select the skills that best correspond to the job description.


You and the company

In this section you must prove that you know the company, so you must do a research job. Talk about why you’re interested in the industry and that particular company. If you identify with its values, if you fit with its culture… You have to prove that contracting them are going to help them grow.


Conclusion and contact

To conclude you must repeatyourself, repeat why you are interested in the position and why you are the perfect candidate. It is also important to say goodbye by inviting the recipient to contact you. Remember that the main purpose of this letter is to be interviewed.

Finally, finish the letter with a formal farewell that follows the English conventions:

  • If you know the name of the person you’re addressing, end up with a “Yours sincerely”.
  • If on the contrary you do not know his name, close with a “Yours faithfully”


As you can see writing a cover letter takes time, but the person who reviews it will see the effort and interest you’ve put into preparing it. When you’ve made a couple, you’ll see how everything is easier.

Now that you have the tips to write the perfect letter, just get to it and get the job you want. At Ynsitu we offer you the opportunity to take courses abroad that allow you to work while improve your language level. Cheer up and travel with us!