Which destination to choose for your language course abroad

Qué destino elegir para tu curso escolar en el extranjero

If you want to live an experience learning English, it’s the perfect time for you to do it. Go on a language course abroad! In addition to learning, you will know firsthand a new culture and its people. Do you dare?


Why take a language course abroad?

When you decide to take a language course abroad,all you’re going to get are benefits, not only at the academic level, but also in the personal sphere. If you’re passionate about English and you want to perfect it, it’s time for you to step up.

The sooner you signal your goals in this direction, the greater your chances will be in the future. So, if you’re a student of ESO or high school and you are willing to live an enriching experience learning English in a foreign country, you should appreciate the following advantages that we explain below:

– You will be able to perfect your English and any other language and be bilingual. Taking for example a language course in an English-speaking country will allow you to perfect your english handling and ease. But by having constant communication in this language, you will be able to perfectly capture its intonation and pronunciation,acquiring such an advanced level that it can lead to bilingualism, if you really work hard.

– You will live a linguistic and cultural immersion you’ll always remember. Upon entering a foreign-speaking country, you are forced to speak in this language throughout the day. This will make you able to live with very different people, learn their customs and new habits that will serve you wonders to enrich you as a person.

– Increased personal growth. Knowing another culture, your mind opens up more and will allow you to take on new habits, which at the same time will make you grow and mature,which will lead to huge personal growth.

– Develop intercultural competencies. In the face of greater skills, you will get a better level of adaptation in any sector you set your mind to. Thus, at the work level you will have an advantage over others, not only because of the intellectual capacities, but because of the skills derived from using yourself abroad.

– Meet new friends. It will be easier for you to relate to young people from the country you choose to go to, and you will create bonds that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

You will live a unique and enriching experience abroad. Something that doesn’t happen every day!


What are the top 4 destinations to take a language course abroad?


United Kingdom

Uk marvels at every person who visits. It has the widest variety of English courses from around the world. In addition, this country has the best English academies in the world and obtaining an English degree for studying in England will give you worldwide recognition, for its high academic quality.


Ireland allows you to better linguistic immersion, since it is not as touristy as other areas, so you will meet more natives. By practicing English longer, your level will also become higher.

In addition, it is a diverse, safe and friendly country. They are used to receiving foreigners from all over the world, especially those who will learn English. It is the most recommended destination as a first outing abroad for your children.

United States (USA)

America, in itself, is a very attractive destination for many people because of its cultural diversity. You’re going to know, no doubt, people of multiple ethnicities and cultures,which will make it easier for you to know many values.

You will soak in English in all its aspects: conversation, writing, reading and oral comprehension… in addition to living an unparalleled experience, your own American dream.


Canada is the fashionable destination for learning English, in recent years, from young people, with one of the highest levels of teaching on the planet, with a great reputation.

You can find, culturally speaking, American and European influences, throughout its history. Although it is a bilingual country, livingtogether French and English speaking places, the opportunity to meet students like you, who are going to live an amazing adventure, is huge.