United Kingdom, road to normality: Official phases of your de-scalding

Fases desescalada Reino Unido

The British Government published two days ago the document “COVID-19 RESPONSE SPRING 2021”,which sets out the roadmap to end the blockade in which England has beenlocated since 6 January.

A more ambitious vaccination programme is currently being implemented, where more than 17 million people have already received the vaccine. This fact, coupled with the decrease in infections and hospitalizations, is paving the way for safe and gradual lifting of restrictions.

The Government has received scientific advice from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) and its working groups on the pace and sequence of reopening, and they expect COVID-19 to reach a stable level.

The roadmap designed to be a step-by-step plan to ease restrictions with caution. They are expected to 4 phases of de-scalding for the whole of England, among which there is a minimum of 4 weeks to be able to reflect the previous impact and continue safely.

Official phases of de-scalding

Phase 1: As of March 8

Schools are reopened for all students, outdoor activities or exercise are allowed with a family member or non-convivial person, childcare and funerals are held with a maximum of 30 people and wakes and weddings of 6. As of March 29, meetings of 6 people or two outdoor homes, sports and leisure abroad are added, and travel is minimized.

Source: Gov Uk

Phase 2: Not before April 12

It includes leisure in enclosed spaces with people living together, reopening zoos, attractions, in-car cinemas, community centers, bookstores, personal care, shops, restaurants, hotels for people living together, activities for children and parents indoors, weddings, wakes and formal meetings of up to 15 people, and events with restrictions.

Source: Gov Uk

Phase 3: Not before May 7

Leisure is allowed in enclosed places, 30 people outdoors, indoor sports, 30 people in daily celebrations, concerts, shows and events of up to 1,000 people indoors, 4,000 abroad or 10,000 people sitting outside, and international accommodation and travel.

Source: Gov Uk

Phase 4: Not before June 21

There is no legal limit to people gathered, nightclubs and long-running events reopen, and the capacity for weddings and events is unlimited.

Source: Gov Uk


As you have seen, the good news is that returning to face-to-face education is the first step to get out of this blockade, and from Next March 8 will reopenschools, colleges and universities.

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For more information about COVID-19, visit the official website of the UK Government.