Tricks to spend little during your course abroad

Are you thinking of going on a trip or have a planned trip, but are you afraid to think about what you’re going to spend once you’re there? From Ynsitu we bring you the keys to spend little during your stay abroad.


  1. It combines international and regional flights: Sometimes, we strive to catch direct flights to our destination, which increases the price considerably. We suggest you compare direct flight with stopover. In the latter, you can use other means of transport such as the train or bus.


  1. Ride your bike: Once at your destination, a good way to get around can be by bike. You won’t spend a penny and you won’t pollute. In Europe, it is one of the most widely used means of transport today, so cities are equipped for this purpose.


  1. Use public transport: If your journey is long, or if the weather conditions do not accompany so that you can use the bike, a good solution is the use of public transport. You spend very little and you’ll be able to access anywhere.


  1. Do your luggage well, be sure to be prepared for any weather events: Try to make your suitcase well and not forget anything, so you guarantee you don’t have to buy it at your destination. In this link you will find a post in which we explain what to carry in your suitcase. Take clothes of all kinds. For example, even if you go to a hot area, take some warm, as you never know what can happen. Don’t forget to be prepared for the rain.


  1. Take advantage of student discounts: Increasingly, discounts are made to students, whether for monuments, museums or even in shops or restaurants.


  1. Learn about free museum days: There are many museums and sites of interest that on certain days or hours are free. Find out about it before visiting them.


  1. Plan what to do: A good option is to consider before you go how long you will be and what you will do, so that you can eliminate unexpected expenses.


  1. Book sites in advance: Many visits or places are cheaper if you hire them on time or if you do it over the Internet.


  1. Eat cheap: Don’t eat every day in restaurants, but try to go to supermarkets or local markets to eat on your own. Another great option is to go to street stalls or compare the different prices of the restaurants before entering.


  1. Eat where locals do it: In this way you ensure the quality-price.



  1. Meet places and places through local people: It will be a good way to guarantee you a good price and avoid tourist sites, which are the most expensive.


  1. Carrying supplies: Whatever you take, you’ll save it. Take the fundamentals so you don’t have trouble traveling, for example, by plane.


  1. Beware of using your credit card: Its use may result in the collection of commissions from the bank. Therefore, try to have money in the local currency.


  1. Don’t change money at the airport: You’ll always get worse at currency conversion. You can change it before you go or at different locations at your destination, but it is not advisable to do so at the airport.


  1. Buy a local SIM with the Internet: This option is very interesting for those destinations where you do not have roaming or for long stays.


  1. Recycle bottles and cans: Unlike Spain, in many places in Europe you pay to recycle this type of packaging, it is very simple, you only have to deposit them in special containers inside supermarkets.


  1. If you’re in an Asian country, watch out! They serve food in temples: It can be an occasional solution to eat without spending anything and thus know its gastronomy.


  1. Avoid guided tours: If you are looking for sightseeing, opt for the free tours offered by the locals themselves, known as free tour, so you will save the high prices of conventional tours.


  1. Take out health insurance: Taking out health insurance will be of great help especially in places like the USA, where healthcare comes at a great cost.


  1. Take advantage of night transport: If you have to travel from one place to another it can be a good idea to make use of this, since its price is lower and in addition, you save yourself a night of hotel.

We hope that these tips will be of great use to you and that you can put them into practice to have a wonderful and economical journey at the same time.

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