The best series to learn English according to your level

It is well known: watching series to learn English is one of the best methods that exist to master the language. In addition, you can do it wherever you want: at home, with your mobile on the way to work or in the gym, etc. It’s a good way to learn English without having to stick to a book by studying the theory (which is also necessary, don’t forget).

You can find series to learn English everywhere: thanks to the streaming platforms that have emerged in recent years, such as Netflix,

let’s get hundreds and hundreds of British, American or Australian series at our fingertips,for example. In addition, TV also offers the option to watch SERIES in VO.

Why is it good to watch series to learn English?

One of the factors that make it good to watch series to learn English is that we have fun while we’relearning, perfect for those people who have the hardest time getting in front of a book to study. As we engage in the plot of a thriller or comedy, we are learning vocabulary, pronunciation and many useful expressions in our day-to-day life.

In addition, we have the possibility to activate subtitles, which make learning easier. We can stop the series to write down new vocabulary if we have the Spanish subtitles, or we can put English subtitles to know how to write a word we have heard.

Series to learn English: beginner level

The Simpsons

We couldn’t start this list of series differently to learn English than with one of the most famous English cartoon series in history. Who hasn’t grown up watching the stories of Homer, Marge and his family over lunch? The series goes all the way to the thirtieth season, with over 600 episodes, so you have plenty of material to learn.

In addition, you probably remember many of the expressions in Spanish, already included in popular culture: now is the time to know their equivalent in English. The dialogues are simple, so you won’t have much trouble understanding them, and the chapters are short.

Sense 8

Sense 8 is an ideal series to turn on fromthe beginning different English accents that exist around the world, since the main characters come from places as different as London, Seoul or Nairobi. Vocabulary is not at all difficult and deals with various topical topics, so it will be very useful in your day to day.

As for the plot of this series to learn English, the story is about eight people who do not know each other, but who at one point connect telepathically after living a series of visions. The series ends with a special two-hour chapter, get ready!

Series to learn English: intermediate level


As you may have inferred by the name of the series, the story is about Sherlock Holmes, the detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle in the late 19th century, and his investigations with his partner, Dr. Watson.

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, with this series you will learn a British English book, with a classic and easy-to-understand accent. In addition, they are long-running chapters that will hook you, since in each of them a different plot develops.

Modern Family

Clearly it’s much easier to learn English when we’re having fun, and we’re sure this series won’t bore you. This series recommended to learn English and s a mockumentary or ‘false documentary’ in which the daily stories of three families are told while interspersed scenes where the protagonists speak on camera.

Modern Family is a sitcom with which you can learn everyday English in situations that can happen to each of us. In addition, you may feel identified with Gloria’s character, as she is also learning English.

Series to learn English: advanced level

Game of Thrones

Probably the most famous English series of today and one of the most viewed in history. Just a few weeks ago it aired what was the final chapter of the series, but don’t worry: you have eight seasons to watch, if you haven’t already.

Many of the plot’s characters have very closed accents and different parts of the UK (although the story takes place in a fictional world). For this reason, it is already necessary to have a level to beable to understand the dialogues of this series to learnEnglish, which are also full of searched and high-level vocabulary.

Peaky Blinders

We finished our selection with Peaky Blinders, a British series set in Birmingham in the early 20th century. Here we will see the story of Tommy Shelby and his gangster family, who are struggling to have more and more power and influence in the city.

It is perfect for people with a very high level ofEnglish, as the protagonists speak with very closed accents that can cost the most beginners. In addition, the series uses vocabulary and very colloquial expressions every two by three.

We hope you’ve been helped by this list of series to learn English on your own. Test everything you’ve learned with one
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