The best destinations for your Japanese course in Japan

Japanese course in Japan


Thinking about learning Japanese? You’ve really had a good idea. Japanese is a language that will offer you many job opportunities and will make you stand out from other candidates in your job search, not to mention all the benefits on a personal level if you also like the culture of that country.


Why study my Japanese course in Japan?

It is well known that there is no better way to learn a language than where it is spoken. And Japanese is no exception to this rule. The best way to learn Japanese, without a doubt, is to travel to the land of the rising sun. Learning a language properly is not just about knowing its vocabulary and grammar and that’s why studying Japanese in Japan is the most enriching experience you can have to become fluent in this language.

Japan is a very beautiful country, which combines the tradition of the temples of yesteryear, the roots of their ancestors, the veneration of their elders … with the latest technology and the greatest advances of humanity, which are evident especially in big cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and so on. You also can’t miss a visit to Mount Fuji, or the unique spectacle of the cherry blossoms. Japan is a country to fall in love with and studying a Japanese course in this country is worthwhile not only on an academic level but also on a personal (and even spiritual) level.

So, what are the best places to learn Japanese in Japan? In Ynsitu you have many options to choose your ideal course. Choose the place, the duration, the type of course, the type of accommodation if you wish… and embark on the best experience of your life.



These are the best destinations to take your Japanese course in Japan, all of them available in Ynsitu’s language courses abroad platform:

  • Tokyo:

The great capital of the country. It is the largest metropolis in the world with 34.5 million inhabitants. The population density is twice that of New York, to give you an idea. In this city you will find the largest number of courses to study Japanese in Japan. You can take both general Japanese courses and courses with activities, such as learning about the traditional culture of the country while studying the language.

  • Kyoto:

Kyoto is another of Japan’s great cities, known for its important cultural heritage, which reveals Japan’s ancient culture in contrast to futuristic Tokyo. Between the shrines, Buddhist temples, shopping and geisha, you can’t make a trip to Japan without visiting Kyoto! Here you will find the largest selection of Japanese language courses in Japan in terms of course types, with general Japanese language courses, courses for pre-university students, activity courses and courses to prepare for official Japanese language exams. A great option.

  • Kobe:

Kobe is another of Japan’s great cities and the main seat of Japan’s international trade, it has a unique history and distinct architecture. In addition, its beef is one of the most sought-after and famous in the world. Here you can also take your Japanese course and enjoy the oriental culture.

  • Other destinations:

Other cities like Nagano, Toshima or Shinjuku are also highly attractive destinations to learn Japanese in Japan. If you want a quieter place, you might prefer them.


Don’t miss the opportunity to study Japanese in Japan! From Ynsitu you can choose from a wide variety of courses from a single place. Nobody makes it easier for you.