The 5 best YouTube channels to learn Russian

mejores canales youtube aprender ruso

The Russian language is the official language of Russia and other countries such as Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Its use is also very common in Ukraine and some provinces of Georgia, as well as in Estonia and Latvia. The reason is nothing more than his former membership of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

In total, nearly 300 million people speak Russian worldwide. Of these, about 170 million consider it their mother tongue and 119 million are Russian citizens.

The Russian language is not easy, so its learning is not easy. And one of the main difficulties that must be faced when a person decides to learn Russian is his alphabet, the Cyrillic alphabet. It is an alphabet created in the 10th century by a Byzantine missionary. It is based on the Greek alphabet, although it includes other elements of the glagolithic, which is the oldest alphabet of Slavic origin.

However, there is nothing to be afraid of. Today there are a lot of resources for you to be able to learn Russian in the most optimal way possible. And while it is true that the best way to learn Russian is to take
a Russian course in Russia,
there are also other options that you can use, or as substitutes or to get a base with which you can subsequently take your Russian course abroad. One such option is the Youtube channels dedicated to learning the Russian language.

Here are the best channels to learn Russian on Youtube:


RussianPod101 is one of the most popular YouTube channels available to learn the Russian language. It has short and direct lessons so you can learn to speak, write, and function seamlessly in the Russian language. They update the content on a recurring basis, something the student greatly appreciates.


This Youtube channel, also called Easy Russian is another channel where you can learn Russian for free. This channel is created by Mary, a Russian girl currently living in the United States, and where she offers a variety of videos to learn Russian through lessons on grammar, pronunciation, Russian alphabet… as well as videos about the culture of the country, its curiosities, its customs… perfect for a total immersion in Russia from home.


Be Fluent in Russian is a very fun channel to learn Russian created by Fódor Shirin. The channel is focused from a more modern and eye-catching point of view where you can learn Russian with Basic lessons and tips for speaking in this language quickly, as well as carrying out challenges, games and other enjoyable and dynamic lessons that will make you learn Russian almost without realizing it.


In this channel, the Russian student will be able to find lessons to learn vocabulary, grammar etc, as well as interviews with foreigners about learning the Russianlanguage, with their experiences, difficulties, favorite and more complicated topics when it comes to learning it… a very interesting channel to have clear a few notions of the Russian language.


In a series of numbered and categorized videos, Irina brings the Russian language closer to us in a simple way, suitable for all levels, but above all focused on the students who start, with a more basic level. In this way, How to Speak with Irina is a fantastic channel for those who start learning the Russian language.

As we see, and although the Russian language is not one of the simplest mainly because it has a different alphabet than most Western people know, it is not mission impossible. In addition, today there is a a lot of resources to have a foundation and strengthen that first knowledge in that language,so that you later set out on the adventure of taking a course abroad and finish perfecting it while living a wonderful experience in this country.

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